Guide to paper bag handles

Paper bag handles are a part of finished paper bags, but how much you know about and how to choose handles are in question, there is a guide to help you. A paper bag is composed of the bag itself and the handle. These two parts are independent in the production process. You might know the bag body well. Below are more details about handles. In general, durability and appearance are two main factors to consider when choosing handles to enable the use of paper bags in everyday life.

Origin of the paper bag handles

In 1912, Walter Deubener, a grocer in Saint Paul, Minnesota, used cord to reinforce paper bags and add carrying handles.


People realized that the use of handles allows paper bags to carry heavier items. This practice gradually became popular. Later, paper bags with handles gradually became the standard for department stores and retain today.

Types of handles:

Twisted paper

paper bag handles twisted paper handles

This handle is machine-made, which is strong and rigid. It can endure a lot of strain.

Folded paper

paper bag handles folded paper handles

This is the most economical option. It is made of a simple piece of paper, which is generally the same material as the bag body.



The ribbon handle is soft, glossy, and durable too. It has various colors to choose from and can suit almost any style of bag. Ribbon handles only suit smaller and lighter items.



It holds heavier items than the ribbon handle does. Thicker cotton ropes have the same soft feeling as the ribbon handle. It is, nevertheless, fairly thick, implying that it is more comfortable for carrying bigger items.

Fixing method

Glue pasting


Glue the handle on the top or inside of the paper bags. Usually, this method is used for paper handles. There are way ways: sticking directly or sticking before folding. In order to increase the bonding area to improve the solidity, the handle is pasted on the inside of the bags with a reinforced patch. The second one has an extra step. After the pasting, we fold the top to cover the bonding area. So the bag is beautiful on the whole.

Perforation and knotting


This is the common way to fix handles. We need to punch the bag top with holes. Then the handle rope passes through the holes, and then knots. This can only be done by hand. It includes two ways. One is using the plastic head to expand the handle length. The plastic hand is stuck in the hole to fasten the handles. This suits all kinds of cotton rope. Another option is to tie a knot after the handle has passed through the holes to keep the rope from falling.



The metal rivet enhances the bearing capacity. The bag with these handles has a metallic luster. It also increases elegance. This is also one of the best-selling methods.

To sum up, when choosing paper tag handles, you need to start with your product’s needs. We are a professional paper bags manufacturer. With so many handle styles and materials to choose from, you can truly make your bag unique with custom handles.