What are the different types of hangers?

There are different types of hangers in hanging apparel, include indoor clothes rack, hangers for wardrobe, storage hanger, clothes display hanger, art hangers. According to materials, different types of hangers refer to plastic hangers, bamboo and wood hangers, metal hangers, fabric-wrapped hangers, leather hangers, inflatable hangers, paper hangers, etc.

But, there are also various types according to the object of use. Such as infant or children’s clothes hangers, women’s and men’s hangers, underwear or towel hangers, scarf hangers, hangers for slippers. And we can customize all of them with brand logos. Next, I will introduce these hangers as follows.

Different types of hangers: classified by hanger usage

Indoor clothes rack

In a broad sense, the drying racks include clothes rails for drying clothes and small single hangers. Such as lifting clothes poles, floor-standing clothes racks, and single clothes hangers or clothespins. It aims to hang and dry single clothes. Thus, the combined use of them can facilitate the drying of family clothes.

Especially when urban housing pays attention to the use of space. But, drying racks and single hangers are two different products. First, the drying bracket belongs to the hardware-producing part. Yet the single hanger is just a hanger. In addition to metal, its materials include plastic and wood.

different types of hangers: indoor clothes rack

At present, a single clothes hanger is consists of steel wire. In addition, this type of hanger is cheap and practical. Some consumers will buy plastic display hangers or trouser hangers with non-slip grooves. In this way, the clothes drying work will be more convenient and easy.

Hangers for wardrobe

People use this type of hanger in the wardrobe to make full use of space. Such as hanging clothes, shape wrinkle prevention, or storage. According to the structure, we divide them into flat and space-saving types, wide-shoulder types, and multi-layer space-saving types. The former is ideal for light clothing. The second is for suits, down jackets, or other coats. Then, the third type is good for pants and light clothing.

Hangers for wardrobe 01
Hangers for wardrobe 02

Clothes display hanger

Clothes display hanger has wide usage in clothing stores or garment factories. And it is an important accessory in the clothing industry. They have much commercial use, and it is more specific to different garments. Thus, the styles of this type of hanger are the most diverse. When we sell clothes, a hanger is an important tool for clothing. Choosing the appropriate shape, material, and style can give consumers a good visual experience. So, it will add points to the display effect of the clothing.

Clothes display hanger 01
Clothes display hanger 02

Art hangers

First of all, the shape and appearance of this kind of clothes hanger are special and exquisite. Second, it has the function of a hanger. Then, it may also be used as a craft gift.

Art hangers
Art hangers 01

Different types of hangers: classified by material

We wholesale different types of hangers or socks for the clothes fashion brands. Then, they are ideal for suits, coats, trousers, socks, underwear, etc. And any color or size is available. And many brands customize them with logos to enrich their clothing items. In addition, as a maker of hangers, we do the e-commerce business global wide.

Plastic hangers

The main body of the hanger is plastic. But, it can also be equipped with other materials. Like metal hooks, metal bending wires for hanging pants, and steel buckles. But, flocked hangers are a kind of plastic hangers.

  • The price is cheap and affordable;
  • It is relatively easy to produce, suitable for mass production;
  • There are many kinds of plastic materials to choose from;
  • Product style, surface color, and effect is very rich;
  • It has wide usage, and suitable for commercial and household use;
  • The material is strong and the product has a long service life.
  • Plastic products are certain recyclable.
Plastic hangers
Plastic hangers 01

Bamboo and wood hangers

The main body of the hanger is made of logs, bamboo, or composite wood. Then, we can also match it with metal hooks and plastic accessories.

  • High-grade solid wood hanger with beautiful appearance and good texture;
  • The product is stronger;
  • There are many kinds of woods to choose from, and the color effect is rich;
  • It is suitable for commercial use, and has general high-grade clothing selection;
  • Good fall resistance and wear resistance.

Metal hangers

The main body of the hanger is metal. However, we can add some plastic parts. And even the outer layer can be fully dipped in plastic.

  • The price is lower and affordable;
  • It is easy to produce, and good for mass production;
  • It has good metal sense;
  • They are made of more wire, light and practical. So, it is perfect for home use. High-end appearance and good commercial effect;
  • Stainless steel material is durable and long service life;
  • Certain metal raw materials can be recycled.

Fabric wrapped hangers

It is consists of foam material or metalcore as the load-bearing part. But, the outside can cover cloth fabrics.

  • Simple production process and low price;
  • No burrs, no scraping clothes;
  • Lightweight.
Fabric wrapped hangers
Fabric wrapped hangers 01

Leather hangers

Leather hangers are not made of real leather but real and fake leather. Besides, it is based on plastic or wooden hangers. And most or all of them will cover PU leather or real cowhide.

Leather hangers

First, we can install rivets and other decorations on it. Then, it has a unique effect and may work better with related clothing. Second, its texture is good, so it is suitable for high-grade clothing.

Inflatable hangers among the different types of hangers

Fill the plastic bag with air in the shape of a coat hanger to form a three-dimensional coat hanger.

Inflatable hangers
  • Material saving and low price;
  • Suitable for disposable use;
  • No burrs, no scraping clothes.

Paper hangers among the different types of hangers

Paper hanger refers to the paper material after special processing. And its material is mainly recycled paper. Sometimes, we use wood pulp too.

paper hangers
  • The product is light and simple with good eco protection;
  • It is not restricted by the mold or the shape, and the production is flexible;
  • There is a certain sense of woodiness.