Printable tissue paper with logo

Printable tissue paper is an eco-friendly and recycled gift wrapping paper that can be printed with brand logos, which is ideal for packaging and festivals. And about how to design printing, we have positioning printing and non-position printing. Thus, you can make personalized one-color or full-color printing. Besides, its types include 17g tissue paper, 80g coated paper, 28g typing paper, 24g wax paper, cotton paper, 30g craft paper, etc. we wholesale custom thin or thick printed tissue wrapping paper for our clients. So, you can make your own tissue paper with a plain or colored logo. Any size or type is available.

The printed tissue paper has wide use in wrapping clothing, wine bottle, shoebox, Christmas, birthdays, gift wrapping. In addition, we wholesale bulk recycled custom tissue wrapping paper for customers. Of course, printing your own personalized tissue paper & tracing paper will improve brand images. So, please feel free to contact us if you need to customize.

Printable tissue paper sheets have two ways for logo printing. And we use printing machines and printers making tissue paper to achieve this. First of all, we have to understand the direction of printing. Take the size of 500x700mm as an example. We can regard the paper width of a roll of paper as 500mm. First, put this roll of paper on the machine. Next, print along the direction of 700mm in length.

Printable tissue paper images

Two printing ways of printable tissue paper

In the printing process, there are positioning printing and non-positioning printing.

printable tissue paper

Positioning printing

Positioning printing refers to typesetting and cutting completely according to the size and logo on the design. And it means that the position of the logo is fixed on a piece of paper.

Non-position printing

Non-positioning printing means that the logo is an infinite loop. For example, due to the logo being an infinite loop, it is typeset according to the size of the paper and the logo. And perhaps the last cut position just cuts off a part of the logo. Then, if you don’t want to cut it off, you must change to positioning printing.

However, because of the particularity of positioning printing, it will produce a lot of waste. Therefore, both mold fees and prices are much higher than non-positional printing. This is why everyone chooses to do non-positioning printable tissue paper.

Therefore, when you customize or design copy paper, you must typeset according to your own requests.

printable tissue paper machine 01

Logo printing of the printable tissue paper

For example: Martina tissue paper
Material: 21 grams copy paper
Size: 700*1000MM

The printable tissue paper width is 700MM. And the printing direction is printed in the direction of 1000MM. Then, we print the entire logo on the full page and print it continuously. Because the printing direction is based on 1000MM, the 700MM width will cut to the LOGO when cutting.

But there are 2 ways for 1000MM printing direction:

1: When cutting the upper and lower logo, the logo will be cut, and the logo will be incomplete. For example, the design draft 1: When cutting, it will cut to A, making A incomplete.

printable tissue paper-design draft 01
printable tissue paper-design draft 01

2: The logo will not be cut when cutting the upper and lower logos. And the whole logo is complete. Such as design draft 2: It will not cut to A when cutting.

printable tissue paper-design draft 02
printable tissue paper-design draft 02

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