Clothing hang tags for fashion brand

Clothing hang tags are labels attached to clothes, and we supply custom clothing hang tags for the fashion brand to improve clothing value and brand image. This tag is used to beautify apparel. Delicate clothing hang tags are remembered for every little detail from the material down to their appearance. It is obvious that this is a memorable keepsake.

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Clothing stickers for fashion brands

Clothing stickers are a type of paper or plastic, and we offer custom clothing stickers with logos for fashion brands to display size and fabric information. These customized stickers can be used to promote your company’s logo to enhance the brand image. Of course, they can also be easily removed from clothing without leaving behind any residue.

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Munich Fabric Start 2019

Munich Fabric Start 2019 will take place in Munich, Germany from September 3rd – 5th, 2019 for a period of 3 days. Welcome to visit our Booth# C112. As one of the leading international textile trade shows, these will be about Fashion, Fashion Accessories, Fabrics, Apparel, Clothing, and Accessories.

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The fuction of hang tags for crafts

Hang tags for crafts are designed for clothing perfectly in material selection and appearance, their function promote products and improve brand image. The clothing hang tags also prints the product description, such as model, size, color, ingredients, method of washing, price, and so on. Hang tags in clothing play the role of introducing the brand, this is also a brand marketing way! Making a good clothing tag is a business card for a craft company.

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Gift hang tags

Gift hang tags are the perfect gift accessory for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, holidays, used for adding the gift messages and gift value. Our gift hang tags are cut from high-quality paper. Not only can they make your gift unique with your own designs, but they also show your recipients your extra special. Personalize your own style for loved ones with unique tags.

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Add our email to your white list in Outlook & Gmail

Because of some spam trigger words, our Email maybe deliver to your spam Email. To avoid this, it is important to add our Email address to your white list.

  1. Gmail-Login  your Gmail account and find our Email ,open it.

    Add our Email to your white list in gmail
    Add our Email to your white list in gmail

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Add our Email to your white list in outlook&gmail-Never Block Sender's Domain
Add our Email to your white list in outlook&gmail-Never Block Sender’s Domain