Wholesale of muslin bag

Is Alibaba’s acquisition of 9.5 billion U.S. Dollars worthy of antagonism, indicating that Alibaba’s new retail strategy has achieved a major breakthrough in the deepening of its service to local life. Ali’s lineup of “stores + hungry shops + reputation stores” The array is expected to form a new closed-loop retail catering and further extensions to the supply chain transformation.

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Hungry, chairman Zhang Xuhao disclosed in an interview that it is a super unicorn that is nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars. It is not a goal to be listed. The resource and network collaboration behind this merger deserve more attention. In the field, this merger has laid a foundation for the next 10 years.” With the help of hungry resources, a reputation with an estimated value of $8 billion is more likely to place the destination of independent IPOs closer. The user’s A-share market.

Are you hungry? There are a large number of retailers who use a variety of packaging when they send food, including a custom-made merchant logo muslin bag, which involves the retail of muslin bags and the wholesale of muslin bags.

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