Personalized sticker labels for clothing

The custom personalized sticker labels are easily applied to clothing surfaces for brands, and they can promote your brand image by printed name logo. Any fashion brands can design their unique logo and print any product information in the personalized sticker labels. Affix these sticker labels to clothing will definitely make your garments become a dazzling artwork. As a leading supplier of garment accessories, the labels we produce are to display the brand image of customers, making them more fashionable and eye-catching.

The reason why many companies use personalized sticker labels is mainly that through these labels, they can convey the new ideas they want to express. Many companies customize a lot of personalized labels when packaging products, which can be used to display brands and company logos. This is also a good way to please the target audience. Because like-minded customers will show off their personalized labels to friends. While gaining the favor of customers, your products and services will also be promoted in their invisible publicity.

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Personalized sticker labels' photo gallery
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When consumers choose a product among various kinds of commodities, the outer packaging of the product is the key factor to attract consumers, and the most important thing for fashion brands’ packaging is the label. It can be seen that the personalized design of the labels plays a key role. Because personalized sticker labels can perfectly reflect the requirements of target buyers.

It is really affordable and a good way to increase brand awareness by using personalized sticker labels. To enhance brand recognition, our customers are willing to use the personalized sticker labels with logo to help promote their websites and increase page views as well as product sales. That is why we make it simple to build a matching career to fit more popular fashion labels and make your own stickers. Our personalized labels are available in a wide variety of types and sizes. Surely you will find a style for yourself.

Details of personalized sticker labels:

1, Material: PVC, PET, PP, offset paper, etc.
2, Size & color: any size & any color is available.
3, MOQ: unlimited.
4, How to use: Just peel off the bottom paper and press it lightly to stick to the surface of various substrates.

Advantages of the personalized sticker labels:

1)Easy to apply and remove without damaging your products.
2)Environmental friendly;
3)Excellent quality and reasonable price
4)Save labeling time;
5) We supply made in China personalized sticker labels;
6) Safe packing

Quotation of personalized sticker labels:

Reference sample from personalized sticker labels’ photo gallery or other places.
Design your logo of sticker labels if you have.
The price will depend on your quantity and standard.

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