Types of shell buttons

There are various types of shell buttons in clothing fashion brand, which include MOP buttons, abalone buttons, white or black plate shell, saucer shell, etc. All the sizes of natural shell buttons can be customized with a brand logo or product text. It is beneficial to improve brand image and sales.

MOP Buttons

MOP buttons are also called ‘Mother Of Pearl’ buttons. They are a kind of shell buttons that are made from composite material. They are mainly made from the shells of some mollusks, such as oysters shell buttons. MOP Buttons have extremely strong strength. Its surface is very flat with a bright luster. Many high-end silk clothing brands and suit brands are very fond of MOP buttons to enhance brand awareness and quality. They have an incredibly beautiful appearance, making the clothing extraordinarily elegant.

MOP Buttons

Abalone Buttons

The abalone shell is a good material for buttons. The button surface is uneven and the back has a thread-like twill pattern. Its color is mostly brownish red, with strong purple-red on the front, brown and red on the back. It is thin and hard in texture. Most of these buttons are two-eye buttons and bright-eye buttons, which are mostly used for light-weight clothing.

White Plate Shell

The white plate shell is the most advanced material in shell buttons. Meanwhile, because of its low output, the price is particularly expensive. It is only used in some of the most advanced shirts of Italian classic style or a few high-end products.

White Plate Shell Button

Black Plate Shell

Black plate shell is the mother of large South Sea black pearls.
Since the nacre of the shell shimmers with beautiful dark silver, it is most suitable for shirts, women’s coats, and cardigans.

Black Plate Shell Button

Saucer Shell

It is a kind of mother-of-pearl shell in tropical and subtropical regions. If you look closely at the delicate texture of the saucer shell, you can find the soft red luster it reflects. It is most suitable for casual clothing and all kinds of women’s clothing, especially, with a white series of dresses will be more beautiful.

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