Metal Wine Labels for Bottles | No MOQ

Metal wine labels are customized from soft metallic foils such as aluminum, pewter, brass and specially designed for liquor, vodka, wine, and whiskey bottles. Meanwhile, they are perfect for Brandy, Champagne, Rhum, Tequila, Avery wine bottles. We supply all kinds of luxurious metal wine labels & tags with personalized brand logos. These custom wine labels can be embossed, engraved, stamped, or laser engraved to design a 3D effect. Besides, the strong adhesive on its back helps to fix it to the bottle. These wine labels bring your bottles a polished and advanced look. So, it will bring more value and prestige to your brand. And it can help you open the market.

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3D metal sticker to highlight brand

3D metal sticker is a new type of adhesive metal logo sticker, metal adhesive labels, which uses refined nickel and silkscreen printing to highlight the brand. They are also called metal markers, metal foil names, and metal sticker labels. Materials include aluminum, brass, stainless, and plated alloys. The stickers give smoothed-out detailing. The 3D metal stickers are used for a variety of applications, such as clothing and instructional tags.

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Metal slider buckles for belts

Metal slider buckles are metal hardware for webbing belts, leather straps, bags, dog collars, like slide release buckles, belt buckles, straps buckles, etc. They are widely ideal to adjust the length of webbing. Besides, some of them are simple geometric shapes, circles, D-rings, antiques, etc.

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Images of the 3D metal sticker

3D metal sticker is becoming more and more popular in box making and packaging design, and it can save costs in the packaging box, paper bags, bottles, etc. Now the following images of the 3D metal sticker are brand-new products from our customers for your reference. All the following metal stickers are available at your request. Besides, they can surely promote your brand logo.

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Metal buckles’ photo gallery

Metal buckles are widely ideal to adjust the length of webbing, they are metal hardware for belts, straps, collars, and you can refer to the following photos. Such as slide release buckles, belt buckles, strap buckles, etc. Besides, some of them are simple geometric shapes, circles, D-rings, antiques, etc.

And we wholesale custom metal buckles with logos. All the size, color, type is available. So we can customize personalized buckles for fashion brands. Hence, come here to make your order! Low MOQ with cheap price. Feel free to contact us by email or WhatsApp. We are always here to serve you.

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Wholesale metal eyelets for clothing

Metal eyelets are small metal fasteners used to cover or reinforce holes in fabric or leather, and we supply custom metal eyelets and grommets for clothing. And they are circular metal fasteners and styles that can be rolled, scored, and flared. Besides, their materials include brass, iron, metallic, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Then, they have a high duration. Meanwhile, we wholesale metal eyelets and washers with logo engraved. So, the final products can be black, plain, tin, or nickel-plated.

The metal eyelets are perfect for fabrics of different textures and thicknesses. Also, both galvanized steel and stainless steel offers corrosion resistance. So they are ideal for outdoor applications and clothes’ accessories. Such as small or large hang tag eyelets. Then it is suitable for fasteners exposed to moisture.

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Custom metal labels for clothing

We wholesale custom metal labels with the brand logo for clothing, which are eco-friendly garment tags and accessories used in clothing, bags, hats, etc. Metal labels are not only waterproof, but they are durable. It is the most durable label to date. Custom metal labels are ideal for instruction and brand publicity. They are multi-functional. Also, they are perfect for clothing brands. But they are suitable for name labels, handbags, and fashion jewelry, etc.

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