Things about metallic wrapping paper

Metallic wrapping paper is one of the gift tissue paper with metallic foil, creating a smooth glossy finish and dazzling effects when used for wrapping. It is also known as metalized gift wrap or metallic gift wrap. The paper has a glossy silver metallic surface like aluminum. Our metallic wrapping paper is real paper. Each roll features foil patterns on one side and a simple paper print on the other. Users can tear paper by hand or ruler. It is strong, no peek and stylish. The metallic wrap has all the gift wrapping needs.

Below is some basic knowledge you might want to know.

  • Uses
  • Occasions
  • Recyclability
  • Customization
  • Customer Service

1. Where can you use metallic wrapping paper?

The metallic wrapping paper is ideal for retail product packaging and gift-giving. Where you can use it depends on its printed patterns. Gloss silver metallic paper printed with beautiful designs is perfect for decorating party items. Creative designs printed metalized gift wrap is the perfect item to wrap gifts. Bling metallic wrapping paper is the best wrap for the Christmas season. Papers with various patterns are here to give a beautiful gift presentation.

2. When can you use metallic wrapping paper?

From Christmas to showers, from weddings to anniversaries, this shiny wrapping paper contributes to a festive aura. When used to wrapping gifts, it is the perfect way to tell friends and family congratulations, welcome home, or happy birthday.

3. Is the metallic wrapping paper recyclable?

Unluckily, due to the mix of materials, wrapping paper that contains foil and metallic pieces cannot be recycled.

4. How can I get the customized metallic wrapping paper?

Who says you can not get the premium metallic wrapping paper for a low price? Here at our websites, we produce high-quality metallic wrapping paper at a reasonable price. From metallic foil to matte foil, from solid colors to beautiful designs, we have it all. Additionally, it is capable of printing customized designs. If you like our products, please feel free to contact us.

5. Can I get other accessories here?

Aside from the metallic wrapping paper, you can complement it with ribbons, bows, stickers, and other items. Give your gifts a professional and personal look with this fancy paper.

6. How about your customer service?

Order or not, you are free to ask any questions. We are here to address your concerns about product pricing, materials, sizes, colors, and patterns. Other information such as turnaround time, delivery time, or payment depends on you. Or you can have a rough idea on our FAQs page.

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