Polyester buttons for clothing

Polyester buttons are plastic eco-friendly clothing buttons with cheap prices, which can be printed with a logo and include many sizes, shapes, and colors. They are suitable for garments, bags, decorative buttons, Childs’s clothes, and muslin, etc. So a wide variety of polyester buttons options are available to you, such as their features, sewing way, or button types.

Polyester is a synthetic material, it has a unique color and ductility of natural materials. This man-made material can be made into a variety of button types, which allows us to provide customers with specific materials. All the materials we offer for the buttons are natural or synthetic. You can save and order them every day at the best price.

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The decorative value of polyester buttons has reached an unexpected height in today’s society, and they play practical functions, such as fastening clothing. Polyester buttons are also called plastic buttons, and they have a wide range of uses. Businesses can produce different types of polyester buttons according to the form of materials used. When polyester is rod-shaped, the button can be rod-shaped. The most common shape of the polyester buttons is round, so they look more small and lovely. For flat buttons, the process is mainly in the form of sheet pretreatment.

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Coloring and staining may also be required. Transparent or translucent button styles are also popular. We can add different raw materials into the button according to the effect customers need. In this way, customers can get a pearl-like luster, snow-white, shiny or metallic appearance. Every product’s features can be well controlled during the process. Product density, the width of holes, and the holes’ spacing are included.

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Advantages of polyester buttons

They are suitable for any type of clothes and fabrics. Their production size can be customized. From exquisite clothing styles to rough handmade muslins, we can tailor the type of buttons that suit you.

They can enhance your fashion sense and can be washed and dry cleaned. It can also meet all your sewing or craft needs. Polyester buttons are very suitable for fashion design, handicrafts, home decoration, or home sewing.

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Features of polyester buttons

Appearance: Modern, hard, bright, attractive Look, finely finished;
Shape: Round, rod-shaped, square, diamond, leaf shape, customized, etc;
Material: Polyester, plastic;

We manufacture and provide all kinds of quality polyester buttons. They are available in diverse patterns, colors, sizes, and button shapes. All the custom polyester buttons are supplied as our valued customers’ requests. The buttons provided are designed and with friendly materials and rely on modern technology. Please rest assured to buy and customize. Look forward to working with you.

Plastic hang tags for fashion brands

We supply custom plastic hang tags in all shapes, sizes, and colors for fashion brands, which are made of plastic materials, including PVC, ABS, and etc. Plastic hang tags are a popular choice for light industrial applications. They are ideal for clothing, bags, parking, etc.

Compared with paper hang tags, plastic hang tags are not only durable and recyclable but also waterproof and stain-resistant. It will make the picture of the tags clearer, and the cut will be more realistic and vivid. As a hang tags supplier for many experiences years, we have mature techniques and skilled customer service. We supply diverse custom shapes for your choice, such as rectangular, square, diamond, round, and die-cut shapes. Custom plastic hang tags even can be printed with the brand logo, brand story, and more to expand the brand’s influence.

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Face mask packaging of plastic bags

We supply custom face mask packaging of plastic bags with logos, which protect your face masks from all the possible damages and prolong the storage time. The plastic bags have a zipper or self-adhesive tape at the top. These make the face masks more convenient and user-friendly. A pack includes 20 or more face masks.

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Hang tag plastic string for clothing

In the clothing wholesale market, we will see a variety of clothes. Generally, these clothes are sold in batches or wholesale, there is no unified supplier, and there is no other brand-name clothing with its own series of logo marks, such as specific neck label, wash label, hang tag with string and so on. These clothes also have hang tag and hang tag string, but they should be relatively simple.

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Hang tag plastic string

Wholesale Hang tag plastic string and tagging tag gun, bullet head lock fasteners loop hook, square lock fasteners in stock.

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The twisted side of the word “rope” indicates that it is made of grass, hemp or silk, twisted and twisted. In ancient books, in addition to understanding the ropes used as nouns, it often uses its function to derive meanings such as “constraint, binding, and limitation” and to use it as a verb.

In “Er Ya” there is a sentence of “the bundle of ropes”, where the word “rope” is the meaning of binding. In modern Chinese, the use of the word “rope” as a verb is extremely rare, and the “salvation to justice” or “law to justice” is a common one.

With the pursuit of perfection in life and the rapid development of industry, the rope has been twisted and twisted into two strands, three strands, eight strands, sixteen strands, twenty-four strands, twenty-four strands, thirty-two strands, and fourteen strands. The lines are more and more detailed and beautiful. They can be woven together in one or more colors and regularly. The color is more impressive. The materials are available. Ma, brown, polypropylene yarn, polyester yarn, cotton yarn, nylon yarn 8 and other fibers or metal weaving, life can be seen everywhere .

The ropes or strings used for hang tags in clothing accessories are usually hang tag waxed string, hang tag leather string, hang tag cotton string and hang tag plastic string.

Can you imagine life without plastic packaging?

Can you imagine life without plastic packaging? British Prime Minister Teresa May recently declared a high-profile “declaration of warfare” to plastic packaging: elimination of all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years. To achieve this goal, the consumption tax for plastic bags of 5 pence, which was only collected in supermarkets in the past, will be extended to all stores in the UK. The supermarket will add plastic-free packaging channels for bulk food, and even proposes that the cover of the coffee cup also contains plastic. The ingredients will therefore be charged 25 pence for the “Latte Tax.”

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Change the plastic bag to muslin bag or paper bag?

Now, environmental protection has become a topic that everyone in the society pays attention to. We are a country with limited resources. Everyone should protect the environment and resources. Such as plastic products, China’s plastic products now seriously pollute our environment and bring “white pollution.”

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