rubber labels

Rubber labels are widely used in clothing, bags, shoes , hats , and so on.
Rubber labels include PVC labels and Silicone labels.
The difference of silicone labels and PVC labels as below.

  1. The hand feel of silicone labels are more smooth and softer than PVC labels.
  2. Silicone labels are 100% environmental with REACH standard, but PVC labels has different class like ROHS, 6P, 15P, 15P of PVC label is best for green friendly, ROHS is low harmfulless. So, please take this into consideration when you customize the rubber labels, and we always suggest and use silicone and PVC with 15P for our customers.
  3. Regarding the rubber labels price, it’s decided by different material. For example, a rubber labels in 2x5cm, if the material is PVC, the price is US$0.07/pc, but it’s US$0.14/pc for silicone material.
  4. Regarding the rubber labels model charge, it’s also decided by different material. 2x5cm, 1,000pcs rubber labels, US$85.00 is for the model in PVC material, and US$180.00 for silicone material.


If you want to customize rubber label for cold and heat resistance outdoor work clothing or baby clothing, choose silicon labels. Besides, just choose PVC labels

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