How to sew the woven label on garments?

There are several sewing methods for the woven labels attach on the garments. The woven labels are mainly divided into two types: selvedge and trim.
When pointed out that the need for a one-time trademark width of the needs of the trademark, known as selvage woven label. This process avoids many of the disadvantages of trimming, but the yield is low. There is also a flat/satin woven label, which is characterized by a soft and firm feel. It is more suitable for higher fashion products, such as dresses, suits, etc., it is very much used by quality Japanese manufacturers. The woven border is generally made of satin, but the satin woven label background is difficult to express, and the usual hot coloring/dyeing processes solve this problem.

Custom woven labels

What type of custom woven labels do we manufacture? manufacture damask woven labels, satin woven labels, reversed satin woven labels, cotton woven labels, selvage woven labels, computerized woven labels, crochet woven labels, shading woven labels, and epoxy glue woven labels. We have all kinds of woven label sample, welcome to contact us and ask for free sample.

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We are a profession supplier of custom woven labels, serving global fashion brand company and providing professional solutions and technical support for more than 500 brand companies each year.

custom woven label is one of the main categories in all clothing labels, washable, unfading, soft and good pattern performance , most of clothing main labels and neck labels are in the form of woven labels.

Why choose us
  1. We are a professional supplier of clothing labels, our custom woven labels will not fade. If you choose other small unprofessional company to make the woven labels due to its cheap price, the color will fade after washing many times. That will brought disastrous consequences to your brand. We are a professional company, which serving many fashion brands over 500 companies each year, please don’t worry about the phenomenon of color fading.
  2. Our custom woven labels are various , all of items can be customized to highlight your brand style and improve your brand image.
  3. Price advantage: Because of profession, the price can be control within a reasonable range.
  4. If you are our VIP customer, we can provide you with free design.
  5. We will regularly provide the latest style samples of custom woven labels for you to change style reference, which is free.

Used for brand identification or product decoration, woven labels are an excellent way to emphasize product quality and create elevated product differentiation.

How to choose when make custom woven labels?

90% of woven labels are damask woven labels or satin woven labels in the market , others are niche and personalized, even many people don’t know woven labels can be made in this kind of pattern. If you want your woven labels are special and different from others, you can choose this niche type. If not, the damask woven labels or satin woven labels will be a good choice , which is common and cheap . Or you can ask us for free different type sample of woven labels and make your final decision after comparing .Or see the following pictures to choose what type you need.

You must to know 2 points when design your custom woven labels
  1. size: The width of single letter can’t smaller than 1mm. For example, CLOTHING consists of 8 letters. So the total length can’t smaller than 8mm, otherwise it won’t be weaved clearly.
  2. color: Please kindly note that the color of custom woven labels can’t be smooth over same as your design for gradient color.The maximum number of color is 7 that we can make for a custom woven label at present . The more color woven label has, the harder and thicker will be. So we advise not to make a woven label with many colors, the logo will be better less than 4 colors.
Our custom woven labels instructions

Please clean the woven labels below 118℃. Don’t use the oiliness agent, chemicals and dye. Otherwise the colors will fade and be polluted.

FAQS of woven labels
  1. What is MOQ of woven label?


  1. What is bulk production time?

–7-12 business days.

  1. What is shipping time?

–3-6 days by express.

  1. What material is available?

–damask woven label, satin woven label.

  1. What colors can be woven?

–For damask label, it can woven 7 colors; For satin label, 3 colors, but it can woven metallic gold and silver.

  1. What are the finishes?

–middle fold, end fold, mitre fold, Manhattan fold, die cut, straight cut.

–The FOLD OPTIONS of woven labels
  1. What profile needed when production?

–Please send artwork in CDR, ESP, AI or PDF format.

  1. Is sampling available?

–Yes, Sampling fee is 15usd, sampling time is 5-7business days.

  1. Can we get free samples?

–Yes, We can ship reference samples for your checking quality and style. Samples are free, you just need pay shipping cost.

Below information request if you need woven labels’s quotation from
  1. Reference sample from woven labels’s photo gellery or from other place.
  2. The quantity woven labels do you want. our MOQ is 100pcs.
  3. Your logo or your design of woven labels if you have.
  4. The fold option of woven labels
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