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Stationery gift boxes are important for stationery brands promotion, creating stationery packaging boxes for business and custom design needs creative ideas. Now, stationery packaging and its labels are shouldering the important responsibility of attracting customers. They should be more like a salesman. Then, rely on its own advantages to attract customers and stimulate customers’ desire to buy. So, what are the types of stationery packaging? How should a stationery pen brand design a personalized gift box? Here is a full guide to stationery gift boxes that will give you an answer.

What Are the Common Box Types for Stationery Gift Boxes?

Many people think that the function of the box is only to protect product safety. To be honest, in addition to the protective function of the packaging box, its shape is also very important. The more perfect the appearance of the packaging box, the more attractive it is to consumers. In addition, the quality of these boxes can also directly affect consumers’ perception of the product. The same is true for stationery gift boxes. When we looking the background, they have always played an important role in life. Here are some common types of stationery boxes.

1, Drawer box

stationery gift boxes-Drawer box

Compared with other box types, the drawer box is a very mysterious box type. Drawer boxes are composed of two or more independent structures. It has multiple purposes. And we can make it into a single layer or multiple layers according to needs.

Then, we can fill materials such as EVA, flannelette, and raffia in the inner lining. This can increase the protection of the stationery box. And it can also make the stationery packaging box more beautiful. Drawer boxes are generally used for high-end stationery gift boxes and stationery sets.

The Flip box includes single-layer and double-layer flip boxes. Single-layer boxes are simple in process and have wide use.

In addition to stationery, we can also use them for cosmetics, health care products, and clothing.

The double-layer box is a very high-end packaging box. And it has a complicated process. The upper box is suitable for products and decorations. The lower box is generally used for valuable stationery.

Flip box
Boxes with lids

This box is separated from top to bottom. The structure is simple and easy to produce. Therefore, this kind of box is very common and easy to manufacture.

Besides, the opening method of the box can easily create an all-around visual impact for consumers. Thereby, many high-end stationery gift boxes will customize this kind of packaging box.

An irregular box is a kind of special-shaped box. Its structure is very complex and has no fixed shape. The design of special-shaped boxes is individual. The unique shape can effectively capture the visual point of consumers.

In general, irregular boxes are good for high-end stationery and limited edition stationery.

Irregular box

How to Design Eye-catching Stationery Gift boxes?- 6 Tips

For stationery brands, stationery gift boxes can impress customers very well. An elegant and mysterious gift box can create a high sales volume. Also, it creates a good image for the brand.

If you don’t know where to start designing, the following design tips may help you.

gift box_DSC9658

Branding is important in marketing. Think of other ways you can creatively highlight your brand. Printing your brand logo on the packaging can improve the packaging aesthetics. It can also emphasize your brand. Use brand colors as a visual design element on the packaging. This can also effectively emphasize the brand image.

Even if you do want to emphasize your brand, you need to keep your packaging looking simple. Stick to one or two accent colors. Beautiful colors and a good layout can make the packaging look visually impactful.

8 box 147
gift box packaging 01

Do you want your product packaging to stand out? You can use some special processes on the stationery packaging.

Such as UV, printing, hot stamping, embossing logo, satin ribbons, bow ties, etc.

For a classic look, try a design that primarily features typography. It highlights the perfect combination of fonts. From bold, shaded sans-serif to retro-inspired styles. Turn necessary information into attractive design features.

gift box_DSC8863
Stationery Gift boxes

This design makes creative use of both positive and negative space. This includes some images related to the brand, target audience, or product.

Also, customers will stop and be attracted by the images before making a purchase.

The back of the stationery box is a place that many businesses tend to overlook. In general, you can see some printed product ingredients, efficacy, usage information, and company information. This is often the place that consumers pay the most attention to. So, pay attention to the details on the back of the box.


Use these elements as your design inspiration. You can design a good stationery gift box for your brand more professionally. This way your products will be more eye-catching.

How to Make your Stationery Gift Boxes Creative?

The design of stationery gift boxes and labels needs graphic designers. They need to put all their creativity into designing stationery packaging. Every graphic designer is well aware of the importance of stationery box design. Therefore, they are always looking for tips and tricks to make their designs more attractive to clients. Here are some tips for designing creative stationery case designs. Hope it helps you.

limited packaging box

Impulse shopping is a bad habit for consumers. But when you’re on the seller’s side, you have to facilitate impulse buying. So, you can pay attention to the stationery market. Then, introduce some limited-edition packaging related to fashion trends to customers.

It’s good When you’re doing something creative. Just be careful not to overdo it. Stationery gift boxes should be clean and simple. Keeping tabs clean doesn’t mean hiding needed information. Provide all relevant information on your product packaging, but don’t make it too artistic.

simple stationery boxes 02
gift box with bow ties

In this age of social media, there are many things that create hype and become trends. Stay updated on these trends. And incorporate them into your packaging and labeling designs.

Then, use them to boost your product sales. When you keep up with trends, consumers will be attracted to your products. In turn, it will increase the sales of your product.

There are no rules preventing you from having a good time with your customers. You can add some funny elements to your stationery gift box. This can help you build a good relationship with your customers. In fact, the element of humor will entice customers to buy your product.

funny box
colorful stationery gift boxes 01

The color of box packaging is vital in product sales. So, you have to choose very special and beautiful colors. And, you can also use contrasting colors to make the product stand out. When customers come to your product, if the color of the box can be seen at a glance, then the customer is likely to buy. That’s not to say the product isn’t important. The key is, first of all, the packaging needs to be good-looking. So that the product has a better chance of being noticed.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that bad stationery boxes can greatly affect the sales of your products. So, please work hard to create creative stationery gift boxes.

How to choose the material of the pen box?

E-mail and various social software have become the main communication tools now. Pens are more like a kind of heart and sincerity. Therefore, the selection of materials for pen packaging boxes cannot be ignored. Here are some common materials for pen packaging boxes.

Art paper is a kind of specialty paper. It can make the color of the prints stand out. Then, it is very personalized and artistic when used on the packaging box. Unique texture can make the printing effect more realistic. Therefore, art paper is the ideal choice for high-end pen packaging boxes.

Unbleached kraft paper is usually brownish in color. It can give people a classic, retro feeling. So, if your pen brand tends to have a retro feel, you can choose a kraft paper box.

art paper box

White card paper box

Virgin pulp paper is made from extracted fibers and it is 100% recyclable. It has a light smell, with a pure fragrance from wood. Besides, the paper is yellow-brown in color. Add natural pigments in the pulp state will be healthy and natural.

White card paper has high requests for whiteness of the paper. The higher the whiteness, the better the printing effect.

Pearl paper is a very unique packaging paper. It has a smooth surface and sparkles with pearlescent particles. And it’s reflective. Therefore, under light or sunlight, the pearlescent paper has a pearly luster. So it is very artistic to use it for pen packaging.

Pearlescent paper pen box

There is also a special material, that is PVC. We can make the pen box separately from PVC. Moreover, PVC and paper can also be made into packaging boxes.

The appearance design of the pen packaging box is like external beauty. And the material selection of the pen box is like the box’s inner beauty. Choosing the right material can not only enhance the brand image but improve the customer experience.

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