21 different types of labels in garments

There are 21 different types of labels in garments, which we can distinguish from 4 aspects: materials, functions, sewing ways, and manufacturing processes.

  • Metal labels
  • Leather labels
  • PVC(rubber, silicone) labels
  • Fabric labels
  • TPU labels
  • Main label
  • Care(wash) labels
  • Size labels
  • Hang tags
  • Flag labels
  • Iron-on labels
  • Heat transfer labels
  • Sewing labels
  • Metal labels & tags with rivets and bendable leg
  • Woven labels
  • Printed labels
  • Hot stamped leather labels
  • Casting metal & PVC labels
  • Embroided labels
  • High frequency labels

Why are clothing labels so important?

As we all know, clothing labels are an important part of clothing trimmings. They are more than just a piece of cloth or tags. They can clearly record the brand logo, clothing size, and ingredient list, place of origin, manufacturer, care information, etc. Many customers will decide whether to buy clothing based on the label. Therefore, labels are very important for product sales. This article also introduces various types of clothing labels from four perspectives.

Classified by materials

According to materials, we can divide clothing labels into metal labels, leather labels, PVC(rubber, silicone) labels, fabric labels, and TPU labels.

Metal labels

What are the metal labels? Metal labels are metal tags & accessories for clothing, hats, or bags, which can be engraved with brand logos.

clothing metal labels

Metal labels have many types like aluminum labels, stainless steel labels, silver labels, copper labels, or brass labels, zinc alloy labels, etc. Then, metal labels have wide usage and processes involve stamping, printing, or laser cutting, etc. 

Leather labels

What are the leather labels? Leather labels are one of the types of labels with leather material. we can also call them leather tags or leather patches. They have the types of artificial(PU), genuine(real), or suede(microfiber) leather labels.

leather labels DSC5419

It is ideal for clothing jackets, denim, caps, bags, etc. And all the leather labels can use printing, embossing, or gold/silver hot stamping way to add personalized logos and metal tags.  And the adding ways include stitched on, ironed on, stuck on, or using Velcro.

PVC(rubber, silicone) labels

What are the PVC labels? PVC labels are made of soft PVC rubber material. Its full name is Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC labels and silicone labels belong to rubber labels. And they are a special tag & patch sewing for clothing like jackets, bags, hats, canvas, outdoor products.

PVC rubber labels

Most of the PVC labels can highlight the brand image by adding a company logo or brand name. So, you can use them by sewing, velcro, self-adhesive, soft magnet backings. But anyway, just attach them in your own personalized way.

Fabric labels

Printed fabric labels 001

What are the fabric labels? Fabric labels are made of cloth fabric material including woven and printed fabric labels, which are durable and soft.

And materials include satin, nylon, taffeta, polyester, tape, ribbon, non-woven fabric, cotton fabric. Thus, they are ideal for t-shirts, coats, shirts, pants, child clothing, etc.

TPU labels

What are the TPU labels? TPU labels, also called clear clothing labels, are soft thin labels with logos printed on rubber-like materials. Their main material is TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material. So, it is more eco-friendly than silicone and PVC.

TPU labels_DSC7997

In addition, we use screen printing, matte, frosted, bronzing, etc to make the labels. Above all, it shows a clear, transparent, or translucent effect. In conclusion, they are suitable for swimwear, underwear, etc.

Classified by fuctions

According to the function of labels, we divide them into the main label, care labels, size labels, hang tags, and flag labels.

Main label

main labels_DSC2490

What is the main label? The main label is a type of clothing label by woven, printed, heat transfer or a leather way to add the brand logo & name on the fabric. It is usually under the inner and back collar of the top, or at the inner and back middle seam of the bottom. In general, a piece of clothing must have the main label when using labels.

Care labels

What are the care labels? Care labels are garment wash labels and care symbols, which mark the fabric composition, care information of the clothes, and the correct washing method.

care labels_DSC6573

We attach the symbols to clothing or textiles. Such as washing, dry cleaning, drying, and ironing clothing. In general, factories or brands will use washing instructions and print the company’s logo, the size on the labels.

Size labels

What are the size labels? Size labels are clothing labels that print or weave a specific size on clothing. Such as S, M, L, XL sizes for garments, beddings, shoes, bags.

size labels DSC_0693

Size labels include printed size labels and woven size labels. And they use laser-cut or hot-cut way. Its material includes polyester and cotton, satin, nylon, etc. When people shop, the first thing when they catch one clothes is to see its size. So as to judge whether it fits them or not.

Hang tags

What are the hang tags? Hang tags are clothing tags that use paper, plastic, metal, leather, fabric material to print brand logos or product information. Such as price, care symbols, contact info, social links or website, brand stories, etc.

hang tags_DSC0137

Apart from this, we hang it on the products by string, rope and metal chain, etc. On the string tags, there print a brief description and design of the products. While some certificate is hanging on the products as a hangtag.

Flag labels

What are the flag labels? Flag labels are small clothing labels attached at the outside bottom of fabrics, clothing, beddings, etc.

flag labels

In general, it will print or weave brand logo, company name to specify its belongs. So, we can make the labels as brand labels or name labels to show the brand image.

Classified by sewing ways

According to the sewing ways of labels, we divide them into the iron-on label, heat transfer labels, sewing labels, metal labels & tags attached by rivets, and bendable legs.

Iron-on labels

What are the Iron-on labels? Iron-on labels are made of heat adhesive backing by peeling off them to be ironed on fabrics by an iron. Then you will get perfect iron-on labels with water-proof, durable, and skin-good effects.

iron on labels_DSC1325

Thus, they are ideal for tees, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, pants, uniforms, etc. From which, it can print the personalized brand logo and name, contact info, websites or care symbols, etc.

Heat transfer labels

What are the heat transfer labels?

heat transfer labels 001

Heat transfer labels are clothing main labels and heat press the logo or design onto the special transfer paper, synthetic film, or plastic film. Then, peel off the film and apply them to the clothing fabrics. Thus, we can also call them tag-less tags or thermal transfer labels. Of course, it is perfect for t-shirts.

Sewing labels

What are the sewing labels? Sewing labels are a kind of clothing label used in any fabrics by sewing machine. But, its edges usually leave grooves, holes that can be sewn.

PVC sewing labels

Any type of sewing label that can sew belongs to sewing labels. Such as woven labels, printed labels, leather, fabric, PVC, or metal labels.

Metal labels with rivets and bendable leg

The way to attach metal tags & labels have main 2 types. That is attached by rivets or use the bendable leg. When customizing metal labels, customers usually choose two ways to attach the label on clothing, hats, bags, etc. And they are easy to add on the items.

Classified by manufacturing processes

According to the manufacturing processes of labels, we divide them into the woven label, printed labels, hot-stamped leather labels, casting metal & PVC labels, embroidered labels, high-frequency labels.

Woven labels

Woven labels are a kind of the main label for clothing brands, which are weaved from fabrics including damasks, polyester, satins, taffetas, and cotton.

woven labels-001

And there are many types of labels. Such as cotton woven labels, selvage woven labels, damask woven labels, satin woven labels, crochet woven labels, iron-on woven labels.

Printed labels

Printed labels are often inside clothing labels use printing ways to print logos, product info, company name, contact, or site links to improve brand image.

printed labels DSC_0556

And their materials include TPU, ribbons, cotton, satin, nylon, polyester, taffeta, canvas, tape, leather. In general, they have many types like the care or wash label, size label, etc.

Hot-stamped leather labels

Hot-stamped leather labels are generally used on the back waist of jeans, but of course, they are also used on bags, handbags, shoes, and hats. The craftsmanship of leather labels is generally hot pressing (high temperature and timed ironing). There are also voltage (high frequency), silkscreen, laser, sewing, embroidery, hardware… etc.

Hot-stamped leather labels _DSC8877

Product materials include first-layer leather, second-layer leather, microfiber leather, and artificial(PU and PVC) leather, synthetic leather. The leather label can be added to items by adding back 3M glue, adding Velcro, punching, piercing, etc. Thus, they are suitable for clothing, home furnishings, etc.

Casting metal & PVC labels

Metal labels and some PVC labels often use the process of stamping, die-casting. They are a good way to manufacture the labels. Because the finish products will be durable and have a smooth surface.

Casting metal labels

At the same time, we can inlay the metal labels with diamonds, painted, punched, and dripped. Plating and sealing glaze can ensure that each product will not be oxidized and will not fade.

Embroided labels

What are the embroidered labels? An embroidered label is a type of clothing design created by overlapping thread stitches. The types of embroidery labels mainly include flat, 3D, towel, sequins, cloth, toothbrush, hand-beaded, mixed embroidery labels, etc. Embroidered labels can use the following 3 ways backing added to items:

embroidered labels

Iron-on backing: for bags, hats, jackets, etc;
Sewing: sewing by machine to garments for long time use;
Adhesive backing: for short time uses of clothing;
Velcro(hook and loop) backing: for easy on-off down jackets, coats, etc.

High frequency labels

What is the high-frequency label? The high-frequency label is a label that takes silicone/PVC material fusion welding on the felt fabric by high-frequency skill. It is also called the felt label.

types of labels in garments:high frequency label 001

High frequency refers to the electromagnetic wave frequency of more than 100 kHz. Further, there are many applications for the label. Such as for clothing, gifts, toys, shoes, bows, decorating ribbons, etc.

Cotton care label for clothing

Cotton care label is an organic cotton label with wash symbol or mixed polyester, acrylic, calling laundry care labels and fabric content labels for clothing. We can also make it as printed cotton twill tape labels with the logo. Some are made of 100% natural cotton. But, other care labels are blended poly-cotton. While some are bleached imitation cotton fabric.

As one type of garment care label, the cotton care labels & tags are woven with high density. Hence, they are very durable. So, it’s not easy to be worn. Meanwhile, It is very soft and skin-friendly. Thus, they are ideal for garments, t-shirts, child clothes, home textiles, etc. In addition, the label is recycled and green.

Of course, many apparel wholesalers love the wash care label. At this time, many customers want to order the label to make their product attractive. Because we can’t seal cotton labels. So it is best to fold and sew them or tie the label in the seam. Then, some clients will customize the cotton label with a centerfold or die-cut way. As a professional cotton label maker, we ship all custom cotton labels worldwide. For example, the USA, UK, South Africa, Western Europe, and so on.

Samples of the cotton care label

Features of the cotton care label

  • Material: 100% cotton; organic cotton; natural poly-cotton fabric; bleached imitation cotton fabric; thick cotton fabric; twill cotton fabric; cotton tape;
  • Color: customized color; white background with black text; black background with white text, etc.
  • Size: customized size at your request;
  • Use: clothing, t-shirts, coats, sweaters, hoodies, child clothing, etc;
  • MOQ: 100pcs;
  • Contact email: [email protected]

Common laundry symbols of cotton care label as follows:


  • 100% COTTON; or 100% organic combed cotton;
  • 80%coton 20% polyester;
  • 98%cotton 2% acrylic;
  • 98% cotton 2% spandex;
  • Brand logo name or size;
  • Made in somewhere(such as: U.S.A; U.K. …)


  • Machine wash cold;
  • hand wash;
  • Washing temperature (hot / warm / cold);
  • Do not bleach; chlorine bleach;
  • Tumble dry low;
  • Dry clean allowed or wash inside only;
  • Cool iron, warm iron or hot iron; Do not iron;
  • Some laundry symbols printed here;
symbols of cotton care label

Specific questions asked about products:

1. Is this item easy to use?
-Yes, you can sew it into the fabric.

2. Is the label durable?
-Yes, it is very durable with high quality. And it does not irritate the skin.

3. How to order the cotton care label?

-First, send an email or send a WhatsApp message to us. Second, offer your logo or design draft to us. Third, tell us your quantity, size, color, etc. But, you can show us the reference samples. Finally, we will quote you the price based on all details.

Satin care label for garments

Satin care label is a printed or woven main label with wash care laundry instructions for fabric garments, it calls wash tags sewing on polyester satin ribbon. Besides, we also call it silk care label. So, we often use it to explain your items’ material and wash symbols with a silky texture. Meanwhile, we can add your brand logo to all the laundry care labels. Usually, drying, ironing, dry clean, or warning signs are printed on this label for textile or fabric.

The common color of the satin care label is white background with black color or black background with white color. In addition, we can make Pantone color or customized color at your request. Moreover, we can print standard or any other care instructions, text, or pics according to your artwork.

We supply custom printed satin care label for clothing and fashion brands. And they are ideal for all clothes and personalized garment labels. Such as coats, t-shirts, jackets, suits, dresses, sweaters, baby clothes, etc. Thus, please send us your logo file and the washing instruction, and detail about your products. Second, we offer free design for you. Then, the size and color or quantity are also needed. Finally, tell us your logo or text description one front and back.

Samples of satin care label


  • Feature: sustainable, soft touch, comfortable, fray proof, smooth surface, etc;
  • Label type: sewing main label, garment care label, etc;
  • Use: garment, shoes, bags, scarf, caps, etc;
  • Techniques: weave, printed, etc;
  • Color: Custom color or CMYK & Pantone Color, etc;
  • Size: customized size are welcome, etc;
  • Washing method: no soaking; dry cleanable, and avoid direct sunlight, etc;
  • Fold style: center folded / end fold / loop fold / mitre fold / Manhattan fold / book fold / straight cut, etc;
  • Print method: heat pressed, high resolution print, etc;
  • MOQ: 100pcs;

What is your main export markets?

Hi, valuated friends, we can ship our satin care labels to the whole world. Such as North America; Eastern Europe; Western Europe; Southeast Asia; Pakistan; Japan; Australia, etc. Hence, please feel free to tell us your specific address. Then, we will calculate the best cost.

Why our label is different?

First, all of our satin care label can use eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Thus, they do not irritate the skin and are green for life. Second, our care labels have passed the highest level of OEKO-TEX certification. So they are very suitable for infant clothing, children’s clothing. Third, they are very affordable for many customers. Thus, big order is very cost-effective.


1. What is the bulk production time of the satin care label?
– 7-12 business days. But we can ship expedited. Please inquire by email for details.

2. What is the shipping time?
– 3-6 days by express.

3. What is the material?
– White satin, black satin, ivory satin, silk, polyester, fabric, etc;

4. What profile is needed when production?
– Please send your art file in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF format.

5. Can we get free samples?
– Yes. Samples are free. Therefore, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

Images of garment care labels

We provide custom garment care labels & wash labels with logos for clothing fashion brands, which include custom woven labels, size labels, printed labels, etc. Any size, color, type is available. Please send us your design files if you have a logo file. We offer free design of your logo if you have no ideas about it. The following images are products customized for our customers. You can select the images for us that you like if you want to customize them.

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