Clothing buttons for garment brand

Clothing buttons are a kind of fasteners used to connect clothes, and we supply custom clothing buttons printed and engraved with LOGO for garment brands. The material of buttons can be resin, metal, wooden, shell, zinc alloy, etc. They are widely used for shirts, coats, jackets, pants, etc.

A button is one of the oldest and most used types of fasteners. The earliest buttons were ornamental and made of bone, horn, bronze, and wood. The ancient Romans used buttons to fasten clothes. It has been made of the most expensive materials. Such as bronze, horn, shell. Now, people use cheap plastic and other materials to fix clothes. Clothing buttons are becoming more and more popular.

Modern clothing buttons were both decorative and functional. Good buttons can make your clothes more perfect and play a certain aesthetic effect. Especially women’s clothing has a lot of colorful decorative. We produce all types of clothing buttons. You can choose any color materials, sizes, and shapes from our gallery. We can make a logo or design demand to any requested type of Button. LOGO can be printed or laser engrave. In short, we hope you find the perfect clothing buttons for your project.

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