Cardigan buttons

Cardigan buttons are fasteners that are used for knitted sweaters, we provide wooden buttons, pearl buttons, snap buttons, or metal buttons. Their shapes include normal shapes, and special shapes from hearts, rhinestone flowers, to bees, and dinosaurs. To meet your needs, we have various sizes and colors as well. A great button can help secure the cardigan while also making it stylish.

We have a wide range of cardigan buttons for your choice. Not limited to toggle buttons, shell buttons, coconut buttons. They are sewn onto the cardigans. You can pick colors, types, or materials to make them exclusive. We also have professional designers to help you design or choose the best suitable ones.

For women

Cardigans for women with an emphasis on the leisure of the wearer suits for natural buttons. Then here comes horn buttons, wooden buttons, or coconut buttons. Delicate and relatively large buttons accentuate femininity. To get more elegance, sellers nowadays prefer to attach metal buttons to add delicacy and counteract the slouching of the knit wearer. In that sense, we have more luxurious and stylish buttons. Pearl buttons or those printed with emblems, bees, or other animals on them are a great choice.

For men

Compare with women’s buttons, men’s buttons prefer leather, horn, or wood buttons. These buttons offer a nice, traditional look. The shape is usually round or shape. Colors range from dark brown, black to ivory white. Plastic buttons are the most common ones. For more types, see our clothing buttons.

Cardigan buttons for child

Because children are more vulnerable, we recommend our snap buttons when selecting cardigan buttons. They are easy to operate. Plastic buttons, which are difficult to break out, are a good option for older children. Besides, they have high resistance to wear. More adorable patterns and bright colors are what this type need.

From the above, we can see that there are a few differences when choosing buttons for cardigans for any gender. To make your customers satisfied, the above information is for your reference.

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