Custom woven labels for clothing

Custom woven labels with logos are woven fabric labels for clothing as main labels or neck size labels wholesale, materials include damask, satin, taffeta, etc. They contain information such as text, letters, and logo patterns. Custom woven labels can not only express the brand name and connotation. But show the product size, origin, composition, and description. Therefore, it is ideal for clothing, shoes, hats, bags, and home textiles.

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Difference between damask and selvage woven label

The difference between the damask woven label and selvage woven label lies in the production machine, and they belong to the category of fabric woven labels. As we all know, different classifications have different production characteristics. Therefore, distinguishing different labels can help customers understand products more deeply and comprehensively.

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Satin labels for clothing

Difference between satin woven labels and damask woven labels

We supply custom satin woven labels, damask woven labels, reverse woven labels, and other selvage woven labels. But customers always ask us the difference between satin woven labels and damask woven labels.

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