Custom woven labels with logos

Custom woven labels with logos are woven fabric labels for clothing as main labels or neck labels, and we supply woven logo labels, woven size labels, etc. They contain information such as text, letters, and logo patterns. Custom woven labels can not only express the brand name and connotation. But show the product size, origin, composition, and description. Therefore, it is ideal for clothing, shoes, hats, bags, and home textiles.

To view the photo gallery of custom woven labels

photo gallery of custom woven labels

The custom woven labels are woven on the machine of woven labels by fixing the warp yarn and using the weft yarn. The raw material of the warp yarn is polyester yarn. And its color is mainly black and white. In addition to polyester yarn, weft yarns include cotton and nylon yarns. The colors are diverse, and the marking patterns formed are rich and colorful.

The yarns express text, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, etc. It has the features of high-end, firmness, bright lines, soft feel, and so on.

Custom woven labels attract customers by unique design and texture. Besides, we have professional machinery to provide you high-quality clothing labels. Retailers who seek quality labels or craftsmen who seek durable and beautiful labels are in the right place. We are a professional company specializing in the production of clothing labels. If you have the need, you should know how to make custom woven labels.

How to order the custom woven labels?

First, please contact our salesmen. If you have any problems, our salesmen will help you and give you some advice. Then, you need to send your artwork or label style to our email. If you don’t have one, our professional designer offers free design. And tell us your quantity and whether you need us to make a sample for approval or not.

Second, we will quote the price once receive your details.

Third, we will manufacture labels for you.

Then, we will deliver these labels to your aimed destination.

But there are some details that need to pay attention to if you want the sample before production. The sample charge of woven labels is 30USD without freight charge. We can send you the sample picture for your approval once the sample finishes if you want to save the freight charge.


1, Reference sample from the photo gallery of custom woven labels above or other places.
2, The quantity: our MOQ is 100pcs.
3, You can send your art files to us or get our help for free design.

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