Custom leather patches for clothing

Leather patches and labels are made to promote clothing, hats, bags, we supply custom leather patches including real leather patches and faux leather patches. They are usually attached to everyday items, such as sweaters, coats, etc. They can be sewn on any apparel. They can also be ironed, glued, or velcro to improve the appearance of items.

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Difference between woven and embroidered patches

Woven patches and embroidered patches are not the same. The higher resolution makes for clean, crisp lettering. Unlike embroidered patches, woven patches can be produced according to tight schedules and, best of all, they cost less.
1) A 50% savings over embroidered patches
2) High-definition text, logos, and artwork
3) A flat surface, making custom made patches easy to affix to garments, bags and other textile products
4) Sturdy for outdoor use or high friction areas
5) They can be both sew on or iron on the clothing
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