Face mask packaging of plastic bags

We supply custom face mask packaging of plastic bags with logos, which protect your face masks from all the possible damages and prolong the storage time. The plastic bags have a zipper or self-adhesive tape at the top. These make the face masks more convenient and user-friendly. A pack includes 20 or more face masks.

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Custom coat hangers for retail store

We provide custom coat hangers printed with logos for the retail stores, which are mainly used to display clothing and enrich the brand image of customers. For luxury stores, we recommend using wooden clothes hangers, which will make your clothing more high-end and upscale. Classic wooden hangers use chrome-plated hardware accessories, which are more natural and smooth or use more expensive teak wood with brass accessories. Custom coat hangers can prevent clothing from sliding. Using these hangers not only makes your clothing more neat and stylish but saves storage space.

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Custom Hang Tags for Clothing, Gift & Retail

We supply custom hang tags with logos for clothing, gift & retail, which are used for display product instruction to customers and enhance the brand image. Any shape, size, color, material, and type are available.

Detail of custom hang tags

Promote Brands

The custom hang tags we supply come in many shapes: rectangular, diamond, five-pointed star, round, square, etc. You can choose one shape that suits you according to the positioning and overall effect of your product. Custom Hang tags round out packaging and branding for any product. It appears in a unique way of hanging, which is not only for displaying product details but also for promoting the company and products more professionally and effectively.


The choice of materials will determine the overall feel of the custom hang tags design. With a variety of high-quality paper stocks to choose from, we will make sure you get exactly what you need. They mainly include coated paper, white card, black card, tracing paper, kraft paper, etc. We have the confidence to put your tags handle with the help of Engraving, embossing, printing, hot stamping gold/silver, UV. If you plan to tie on your own strings, we can also add an eyelet to your custom tags.


Widely used for clothing, gift & retail, shoes, bags, electronic product, etc, now sticker hang tags are also popular.

Custom Service:

Please send us your email with all details of custom hang tags for clothing, including artwork, size, quantity, your destination, and our style number. Meanwhile, please advise whether you need us to make the tags sample or not firstly and whether we need to send you the sample for approval or not once finished. We will quote you the price once you receive your details about the product.

custom hang tags’ photo galleryCustom hang tags’ photo gallery

FAQs of custom hang tags

  1. What is the MOQ?
    – 100pcs.
  2. What is the bulk production time?
    – 7-13 business days.
  3. What is shipping time?
    – 3-6 days by express.
  4. What is the material?
    – coated paper, white card, black card, tracing paper, kraft paper, special paper;
  5. What logo style is available?
    – Engraving, embossing, printing, hot stamping gold/silver, UV.
  6. What colors can be printed?
    – It can be printed many colors based on PMS.
  7. What profile needed when production?
    – Please send artwork in CDR, ESP, AI or PDF format.
  8. Is sampling available?
    – Yes, the sample charge of will be US 20$ – US 50$ without freight charge
  9. Are strings included in hang tags?
    – No, we don’t include strings with the tags. Learn more about hang tags strings.
  10. Can we match the eyelet and string on hang tags?
    – Yes.


Reference sample from custom hang tags’ photo gallery or other places.
The quantity: our MOQ is 100pcs.
You can offer your logo or get our help.

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Custom elastic band for clothing

As a clothing accessory, custom elastic band is widely used for clothing cuffs and waistbands, including printed elastic bands and jacquard elastic bands. Meanwhile, custom elastic band is also called elastic threads. And it can be divided into black and white elastic bands and color elastic bands in terms of color. According to different weaving methods, it is divided into the woven elastic band, knitted elastic band, and braided elastic band.

The custom elastic band can be used as the bottom line of clothing accessories. It is especially suitable for underwear, pants, sportswear, baby clothes, wedding dresses, sweaters, bust, rhyme clothes, masks, T-shirts, hats, etc. The custom elastic band that put brands’ logo can also be used for tag lines, daily necessities, crafts, toys and stationery, and DIY handmade lines.

Custom elastic band
Custom elastic band

In terms of material selection and production, our custom elastic band tends to use non-toxic and harmless TPU as raw materials. It can be added with auxiliary high elasticity additives to enhance its elasticity. The custom elastic band mainly includes custom jacquard elastic band and custom printed elastic band, which are customized for fashion brands when selling their goods.

The custom jacquard elastic band fabric is softer, smoother in touch, breathable and sagging, and not easy to fade. The jacquard pattern is novel, and the three-dimensional sense is relatively strong. There are many types and its logo is clear. It is widely used in clothing products and is closely related to people’s lives. Meanwhile, it is generally used in clothing cuffs, bras, skirts, waistbands, shoe openings, and some sports goods. The custom jacquard elastic band uses the machine to weave various patterns and patterns on the elastic band. It can make the elastic band very beautiful. And also, it can weave its own company name and logo, which plays a promotional role.

custom elastic band
custom elastic band

The custom printed elastic band refers to printing different patterns and logos on the elastic band. And with different base belts, it will produce different results, including thermal transfer flowers and silk printing. The thermal transfer elastic band is printed on the elastic band with a beautiful pattern or company brand logo through the thermal transfer process. The thermal transfer is rich in color, and the printed pattern is beautiful, so it is not easy to fall off. The printed elastic band is suitable for all kinds of clothing accessories, edging belts, lace, stretch fabric, clothing cuffs, velcro, underwear shoulder straps, underwear slings, all kinds of lace silicone coating, glue in the waistband.

To view custom elastic band’s photo gallery

garment tape garment tape garment tape garment tape garment tape 1 garment tape 117 1 garment tape 118 1 garment tape 1191 garment tape 120 1 garment tape 122 1 garment tape 123
1 garment tape 124 1 garment tape 125 1 garment tape 126 1 garment tape 127 1 garment tape 128 1 garment tape 129
1 garment tape 130 1 garment tape 131 1 garment tape 132 1 garment tape 133 1 garment tape 134 1 garment tape 135
1 garment tape 136 1 garment tape 137


  • Material: cotton, polyester, nylon, yarn, spandex, customized fabric, chemical fiber, TPU, rubber wire, etc.
  • Technics: heat cut, laser cut, ultrasonic cut, printed, woven, embroidered.
  • Packing: as customers’ request;
  • Feature: eco-friendly, elastic, high tenacity
  • Colors and sizes: customized; as customers’ request
  • Application: garments, shoes, home textile/decoration, bags, lace, underwear, pants, sportswear, baby clothes, wedding dresses, sweaters, bust, rhyme clothes, masks, T-shirts, hats, and other clothing products.

Quotation :

  • Reference sample from the custom elastic band’s photo gallery or other places.
  • The quantity of the custom elastic band: MOQ is 3000 yards.
  • Your logo or your design of the custom elastic band if you have.

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Personalized canvas tote bags

We supply custom personalized canvas tote bags printed or embroidered with logo, they are perfect solutions for packaging, branding, marketing and more. The canvas tote make excellent promotional items for any company. Its structure is built to accommodate anything sizeable to the size of a bag, and its style makes it a favorite for casual walks, shopping, and journeys.

This sizeable unfastened bag comes with sturdy handles and most times has compartments that make it easy for users of a tote bag to pack as many loads as their body can lift. It’s reusable and eco-friendly, a friend to the pocket, and a lover of the environment. Because of their price they are great for family or business events and promotions, giveaways, and retail stores. We have dozens of styles and colors to choose from and unlimited possibilities for customizing your next canvas bag or conference giveaway canvas tote.

To view personalized canvas tote bags’ photo gallery

canvas tote bags image

Things need attention when customizing personalized canvas tote bags


Quality is the first thing to pay attention to for most customers. Good quality means that the company attaches great importance to product details, representing the brand’s intentions and the importance it attaches to consumers. We are committed to providing high-quality canvas tote bags to help you build your brand. Since we have been a professional’s clothing accessories supplier all over the world, we have accumulated a good reputation.


The influence of the workmanship mainly depends on whether the cable head and stitches are uniform or not.  The workmanship of the finished bag is very demanding, just like our clothes.  When buying tote bags, we are unwilling to see unbefitting threads and irregular stitches.


Printing is also a key factor that decides whether your personalized bags are good-looking or not. Generally speaking, the advertising of brands and product characteristics are largely spread through the patterns printed on these bags. Therefore, the quality of printing will directly affect the overall effect of the bags.


Price is an issue that can not be ignored at any time. All the factors that you should pay attention to are listed in the above. We are lucky to tell you that we can satisfy your requirements considering all the above factors. We welcome your cooperation with us to personalize your unique canvas tote bags.


1.Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request
2.Material: cotton.
3.Surface disposal: printing, embroidering, etc.
4.Packing: outer packing with export carton.
5.MOQ: 100pcs


1.Reference sample from personalized canvas tote bags’ photo gallery or other places.
2.The quantity you want. Our MOQ is 100 PCS.
3.Your logo or your design if you have.

Cotton drawstring bags

Cotton drawstring bags are bags that are closed at the top with a drawstring, we produce personalized bags with printed logo to motivate fashion brand. This type of bag is favorite among sportspeople and individuals that have needed to take essential items over a long distance. Apart from its ability to hold a lot of things inside it, it’s a popular choice because of the ease with which you can open and close it. One can link its versatility in use to its qualities which motivates the best fashion brands to produce customized drawstring bags for different purposes. Besides they are also widely used in jewelry, mobile phones, and other places.

In fact, the multi-functionality of cotton drawstring bags makes them an ideal way to promote your business by custom screen printing your order with your logo. Our drawstring bags are made of 100% cotton and are incredibly sturdy. Even the drawstring ties are made of cotton and are very resistant to pulling. Now they are available in a wide assortment of colors, you’re bound to find your favorite in one of our styles of drawstring bags.

To view cotton drawstring bags’ photo gallery

cotton drawstring bags

Details of cotton drawstring bags

1.Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request
2.Material: cotton.
3.Surface disposal: printing, embroidering, etc.
4.Packing: outer packing with export carton.
5.MOQ: 100pcs


  1. Reference sample from cotton drawstring bags’ photo gallery or other places.
  2. The quantity you want. Our MOQ is 100 PCS.
  3. Your logo or your design if you have.

Best muslin bags/cotton bags/canvas bags for your fashion brands here

With more and more design elements of canvas bags, the canvas bag market has formed a fashion pursuit represented by driftwood brands. Canvas bags are the new favorite of fashionable people. Canvas bags are basically versatile and can match any clothing. Monochromatic canvas bag is the most common item, although it is very practical, I believe you will sometimes feel bored, so you might as well choose a canvas bag with a bright color pattern to accompany you to go shopping.

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