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Hang tags with string for supermarket shelves

The supermarket shelves refer to stretchers for placing goods in supermarkets. The earliest shelves in China are often called counters with iron wood, glass, etc. However, one of the major drawbacks of these shelves is that they cannot be freely adjusted. At the same time, they are not easy to move or beautiful.

hang tag string

hang tag string

How to hang the product on the shelves of supermarkets? Some products have small holes above them, which can be connected by ordinary wholesale hang tag strings. At the same time, if you have a hang tag, you can also custom hang tag label product information on it, which is very convenient.

With the improvement of the people’s living standards, the supermarket industry is extremely hot. It has basically replaced the canteen and has become a major shopping place for people. The development of supermarkets has also led to the development of supermarket shelves. The shelves of major supermarkets in China, including convenience stores, are completely imitated by foreign producers.


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