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Paper recycling bags for shopping

Paper recycling bags are a kind of green and degradable bags in wholesale shopping and gift packaging, which can be printed with brand logo with handles. And their materials include whiteboard, ivory board, Kraft paper, art paper, specialty paper. Besides, we supply recycled brown paper bags with handles and gift bags for retailers.

As everyone knows, paper is a recyclable resource. And its raw materials for papermaking are plant fibers. Except for plant fibers in paper, we need to add different filters to it. Common plastic bags are made of polythene. And the raw material is petroleum. But oil is our scarce energy. In contrast, the raw material for the production of paper bags is trees. It is a renewable resource. So, the paper bag itself is degradable and recyclable. Thus, paper bags are green and eco-friendly.

But not all paper bags are recycling and degradable. Some of them are coated paper with plastic film. Such as matte lamination and glossy lamination. If the film material is polyvinyl chloride, it will not be harmful to human health. But also it will not affect the normal decomposition of the paper material. Thus, if you want to customize the paper recycling bags, you don’t need to coat the surface. Then, the bag made in this way is degradable.

Images of paper recycling bags

Features of paper recycling bags

  • It is biodegradable by itself, but plastic bags cannot;
  • The raw material for the production of recyclable paper bags is trees. It is renewable;
  • Recycling paper bags also require more energy;
  • If you use a landfill to dispose of the waste paper bags, it is equally difficult to degrade;


1, Size/color/shape: at customer’s request;
2, Material: whiteboard, ivory board, craft paper, art paper, fancy paper, specialty paper, etc;
3, Handles: paper rope, cotton rope, silk tape, pp, knitting method;
4, Packing: outer packing with export carton;
5, MOQ: 500 pcs;

We provide our customers with custom paper recycling bags with the brand logo. Any size or type is available. When you place an order, please tell us if you need recyclable paper to produce them. Likewise, you need not discard the used paper bags. And they are degradable. So you can recycle them in your daily life. Such as making them into paper boxes to hold some small items. Thus, you can bring them when you go shopping or go to the supermarket to buy things.

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