3D heat transfer for clothing

3D heat transfer is a new tech for clothing that prints logo on a transparent substrate through special printing ways, and the finished label is waterproof. After the customer receives the product, the heat is applied to the thermal adhesive through the hot press. The label will quickly stick to the fabric of the item to be pasted, tear off the transparent substrate, and the logo labels will already be glued to the clothing. As a result, the final product is redecorated, and after using this 3D heat transfer technology, the logo label will not drop even if it is washed. It is also wear-resistant and washing-resistant and has high fastness, which can make the clothing label appear 3D visual effect.

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Clothing stickers for fashion brands

Clothing stickers are a type of paper or plastic, and we offer custom clothing stickers with logos for fashion brands to display size and fabric information. These customized stickers can be used to promote your company’s logo to enhance the brand image. Of course, they can also be easily removed from clothing without leaving behind any residue.

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Custom elastic band for clothing

As a clothing accessory, custom elastic band is widely used for clothing cuffs and waistbands, including printed elastic bands and jacquard elastic bands. Meanwhile, custom elastic band is also called elastic threads. And it can be divided into black and white elastic bands and color elastic bands in terms of color. According to different weaving methods, it is divided into the woven elastic band, knitted elastic band, and braided elastic band.

The custom elastic band can be used as the bottom line of clothing accessories. It is especially suitable for underwear, pants, sportswear, baby clothes, wedding dresses, sweaters, bust, rhyme clothes, masks, T-shirts, hats, etc. The custom elastic band that put brands’ logo can also be used for tag lines, daily necessities, crafts, toys and stationery, and DIY handmade lines.

Custom elastic band
Custom elastic band
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4 materials for custom printed clothing labels

We supply 4 most-used materials to custom printed clothing labels, including cotton tape, polyester-satin ribbon, nylon taffeta, super soft polyester taffeta. When you need custom printed clothing labels no matter the main clothing labels or care labels, firstly you should choose one type of material for printing your logo. We have more than 100 types of material for printing, and we have 6 different printing techniques to ensure that the label you customize will not fade colors after washing.

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10 Best Clothing Hang Tag Ideas

Clothing Hang tag printing material is various, not just paper. Logo printing techniques are also multiple

Traditional hang tag is usually made of art paper. By firstly printing brand logo and relative images on paper, then cutting into rectangular shape and punching a hole, finally matching a string, we make a hang tag.
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Hang tag plastic string for clothing

In the clothing wholesale market, we will see a variety of clothes. Generally these clothes are sold in batches or wholesale, there is no unified supplier, and there is no other brand-name clothing with its own series of logo marks, such as specific neck label, wash label, hang tag with string and so on. These clothes also have hang tag and hang tag string, but they should be relatively simple.


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Custom clothing hang tags with string

Custom clothing hang tags with string, print your LOGO on hang tags. Also, hang tag string can have your LOGO, low MOQ and price, good quality.

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image of hang tag string
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