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9 best underwear fabrics you should know

There are 9 best underwear fabrics you should know: silk, cotton, modal, nylon, bamboo charcoal, spandex, lycra, natural fiber, and hemp fiber fabric. The fabrics of underwear are different, and the comfort and other aspects are different. Today I will introduce you to the 9 main underwear fabrics. Find out which underwear fabric you like better!

  1. Silk
  2. Cotton
  3. Modal
  4. Nylon
  5. Bamboo Charcoal
  6. Spandex
  7. Lycra
  8. Natural Fiber
  9. Hemp Fiber


Silk underwear fabrics

The feel and texture of silk are excellent. They are static-free and also very sweat-absorbent and breathable. But its only downside is that it is not easy to clean. Therefore, when cleaning, it must be hand-washed gently or dry-cleaned.

The underwear fabrics have elegance and luxury that cotton fabrics do not have. Moreover, its natural smoothness is lacking in Lycra fabrics. If you combine French lace, Swiss embroidery and silk fabrics, the effect of decoration is gorgeous. So, we can say that other fabrics are difficult to match.


Cotton underwear fabrics

Cotton material is sweat-absorbent, breathable, and warm. It is comfortable to wear. In addition, they are easy to dye and print. Therefore, it is suitable for girls’ underwear to create a youthful atmosphere.

In recent years, producers like to mix fabrics with various fibers. They add chemical fibers to cotton. Especially for adjustable underwear. In this way, not only does it have the effect of support, but will not be stuffy. So far, many girls still love cotton underwear very much. Because cotton itself is breathable and natural. And it’s unique. Then, the experience it brings is different from other fabrics.


Modal underwear fabrics are a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber. The raw material of Modal comes from European beech. We first make it into wood pulp. And then we make it into fibers through specialized techniques. Moreover, there is no decay during the production process of the fibers.

Modal underwear fabrics

In addition, its dryness is close to that of polyester. So, the gloss, softness, moisture absorption, and colorfastness are better than those of pure cotton products.


We use Nylon fabrics as shoulder straps. And the material is strong and not easily deformed. The shoulder straps of underwear usually use elastic band. And we can print btand logo on it.

Bamboo charcoal

Bamboo charcoal

I believe that many sisters know bamboo charcoal fabrics. It is known as the “black diamond”. And bamboo charcoal is an eco-friendly material. Then, it comes from bamboo and has a strong adsorption capacity.

Besides, it purifies the air and eliminates odors. Moreover, it can dehumidify and absorb sweat in contact with the human body. Therefore, underwear made of bamboo charcoal is good. It can promote human blood circulation. And then it will relieve our fatigue.


Spandex underwear fabrics

Spandex is stretchy, and it is better than rubber. In general, we use it as a bust buckle. It prevents the body from turning. And we will not feel too restrained when moving.


The texture of Lycra underwear fabrics is more like rubber. It is a man-made elastic fiber. It is a type of spandex. Moreover, Lycra fabric is elastic and not easily deformed. It can stretch to 4-7 times his original size and recover quickly. The original purpose of the invention was to replace the rubber of the corset.

Lycra underwear fabrics

Therefore, Lycra can make underwear more close-fitting and not easy to lose shape. It is also not easy to create wrinkles. Therefore, we call Lycra the “second skin”. We use Lycra fabrics to make bras, panties, swimsuits, and even socks. And it will be full of praise for its close-fitting features and eye-catching visual sense.

Natural Fiber

Natural Fiber

Natural Fiber is a fiber made by refining natural substances with modern technology. Such as soybean fiber, milk fiber, banana fiber, etc. This fabric is breathable and moisturizing. Therefore, it is quite good as a fabric for underwear.

Hemp Fiber

Hemp fiber fabric is a fiber extracted from hemp rhizomes. Then, its texture is thick and easy to wrinkle. However, the kind of underwear fabrics are very breathable and cool. Summer is here, and choosing a hemp fiber underwear is a good choice. After the hemp fiber is dyed, the color is bright. It is wear-resistant and elastic.

Hemp Fiber

Among all the common fibers, the most popular is bamboo fiber. Meanwhile, we call it “breathing fiber” for its breathable and moisturizing properties.

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