Custom elastic band for clothing

As a clothing accessory, custom elastic band is widely used for clothing cuffs and waistbands, including printed elastic bands and jacquard elastic bands. The custom elastic band is called elastic threads, too. And it can be black and white elastic bands and color elastic bands in terms of color. The band has different weaving methods. So, it includes the woven elastic band, knitted elastic band, and braided elastic band. The minimal quantity is 500 yards.

The custom elastic band is perfect for clothing accessories. It is suitable for underwear, pants, sportswear, baby clothes, wedding dresses. Besides, it can use for sweaters, busts, rhyme clothes, masks, T-shirts, hats, etc. The custom elastic band that puts logo can use for the tag line and daily necessity. Crafts, toys and stationery, and DIY handmade lines will choose them, too.

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