Elastic Wristband for Any Gender

The elastic wristband is a strip that is made from elasticated materials and worn around the wrist for any gender, making it great for multi-use. It’s a type of elastic band. There are woven elastic wristbands and silicone elastic waistbands. These two bands are from silicone, polyester, cotton, nylon polyester, etc. Not only is it versatile, but an inexpensive way to show support for various causes.

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Custom elastic band for clothing

Custom elastic band, also known as elastic tape or rubber band, is widely used in clothing cuffs and waistbands, including printed and jacquard elastic bands. We supply custom elastic bands for fashion brands and garment factories. Firstly, its material involves polyester, yarn, spandex, cotton, nylon, latex-free, and more. Secondly, the sewing band has different weaving methods. It includes woven, braided, knitted, and embroidered. Thirdly, it can be clear, black, white, or colored in terms of color. Finally, as to size, it can be wide, narrow, thin, or thick. In addition, our MOQ is 500 yards.

The custom elastic band is suitable for underwear, lingerie, swimsuits, pants, legging waistbands, sports bras, dresses. Besides, it can use for shorts, sweaters, bikinis, masks, hats, etc. Firstly, the band is comfortable and soft to be worn directly against skins, as well as flexible. Secondly, when used for underwear, scallop edge or picot edge applied on the elastic band shows more sweetness and elegance. Thirdly, the thin custom elastic band is great for bracelets-making, wig or hairband replacement, face masks, and more. Besides, custom resistance bands and exercise bands are available too. All the custom bands that put logo can use for the tag line and daily necessities.

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