Plastic tag fasteners for hang tags

Plastic tag fasteners are plastic tagging barbs for hang tags, price tags, or clothing tags’ brands, including hand-sealing plastic pin and tag gun barbs. The other name of them can be tagging gun fasteners, price tag fasteners, and tag fasteners. In general, they refer to hangtag plastic pins or plastic seal barbs in a broad sense. The high-quality plastic snaps are designed for light, medium, and heavyweight fabrics.

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Hang tag string loops lock fasteners

Hang tag string loops lock fasteners, custom hang tag string for your hang tag, head lock fasteners loop hook, square lock fasteners loop hook.

I guess you bought your clothes and you don’t know how to get the hang tag and hang tag string from the collar. This depends on whether the garment supplier is a one-time or multiple-use hang tag string loops. If you use a multiple-use hang tag string loops, you can pull it off with a little force, if it is a disposable which can only be cut off.

hang tag string loops lock fasteners

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Plastic hang tag string

We design a custom plastic hang tag string with snap fasteners, your LOGO can be engraved, raised, printed, and fix with hang tags, and hang on something.

  • Name: Plastic hang tag string.
  • Custom hang tag string with
  • plastic snap fasteners, Your LOGO can be engraved, raised, printedPlastic hang tag string

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