What kind of material can be used for garment hang tag?

Common materials for garment hang tag are as below: 1.Paper material hang tags; 2.Metal material hang tags ; 3.Leather material hang tags ; 4.Textile material hang tags; 5.PVC material hang tags, rubber, wood and all kinds of mixed materials are also can be used for garment hang tag Continue reading “What kind of material can be used for garment hang tag?”

How many categories do the woven garment labels include?

Woven garment labels include satin woven garment labels or damask woven garment labels, laser cut woven garment labels, normal selvege woven garment labels and reverse satin woven garment labels
1.Satin woven garment labels or damask woven garment labels: the hand feel is more smooth like silk.
2.Laser cut woven garment labels: the woven garment labels are cut with laser, the character is that the edge is easy to be inclined comparing with selvege garment woven labels after cut, and another character is that 7-8 color quantity are workable to weave on this kind of woven garment labels, and it’s available to weave high density design.
3.Normal selvege woven garment labels: The edge of selvege woven garment labels is weaved with whole label, the label surface is very flat and starched.
4.Reverse satin woven garment labels: it’s very special and few customers choose it generally, both side are totally reversed comparing with satin woven garment labels, it means that the smooth front side is on the back, and the striped back side is at the front.