Application of garment woven labels

Garment woven labels have wide application and are used in the clothing industry as main labels or care labels, such as coats, shirts, suits, trousers, etc. The quality of the clothes is not only measured by fabrics. A simple clothing label means a company’s business card. It reflects the company culture. Garment woven labels have matured in a long-term development process.

Nowadays, garment woven labels are no longer limited to lace, such as mesh fabrics and cotton fabrics before. They are more decorated with metal pendants, buttons, sequins, and other accessories.

garment woven labels-01

The development of the clothing industry has gradually evolved into an art. It embodies the combination of perfect craftsmanship and amazing creativity.

garment woven labels-02

Among many accessories, the effect of garment woven labels for lace decoration is becoming stronger. It can be widely used in women’s clothing, underwear, children’s clothing, cuffs, hem, and other parts, etc. So it plays a good embellishment and decorative effect.

garment woven labels-03

The woven labels and woven patches used in the armband will have a more novel decorative effect. It is standard and regular, giving people a uniform feeling. It will make low-key coats look trendy and fashionable.

In China, there are many designers who insist on the independent design of clothing. And they will also use the inspiration of others to reshape and use in their own designs. The huge supply market of garment woven labels provides them with a source of ideas. Whether it is fine or rough, they can show us individual treasures and promote the development of the world.

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