Hang tag plastic string for clothes

In the clothing wholesale market, we will see a variety of clothes. Generally these clothes are sold in batches or wholesale, there is no unified supplier, and there is no other brand-name clothing with its own series of logo marks, such as specific neck label, wash label, hang tag with string and so on. These clothes also have hang tag and hang tag string, but they should be relatively simple. The hang tag strings are basically universal wholesale machine-mounted hang tag string. Most of the hang tags are affixed with stickers showing product information. Although not like big brands, when a garment has these accessories, the price is higher than without these accessories.

hang tag plastic string

The twisted side of the word “rope” indicates that it is made of grass, hemp or silk, twisted and twisted. In ancient books, in addition to understanding the ropes used as nouns, it often uses its function to derive meanings such as “constraint, binding, and limitation” and to use it as a verb.

In “Er Ya” there is a sentence of “the bundle of ropes”, where the word “rope” is the meaning of binding. In modern Chinese, the use of the word “rope” as a verb is extremely rare, and the “salvation to justice” or “law to justice” is a common one.

With the pursuit of perfection in life and the rapid development of industry, the rope has been twisted and twisted into two strands, three strands, eight strands, sixteen strands, twenty-four strands, twenty-four strands, thirty-two strands, and fourteen strands. The lines are more and more detailed and beautiful. They can be woven together in one or more colors and regularly. The color is more impressive. The materials are available. Ma, brown, polypropylene yarn, polyester yarn, cotton yarn, nylon yarn 8 and other fibers or metal weaving, life can be seen everywhere .

The ropes or strings used for hang tags in clothing accessories are usually hang tag waxed string, hang tag leather string, hang tag cotton string and hang tag plastic string.

custom printed hang tags with string

custom printed hang tags with string

In the first half of 2008, the industry experienced high growth. In the second half of the year, due to the slowdown in downstream demand due to economic slowdown, under the influence of factors such as changes in supply and demand and new production capacity, the prices of major products peaked and declined. The company’s production cuts and price cuts introduced product prices in the market. Falling trend, the industry downturn. The rate of production and sales decreased, inventory increased, while exports of paper and paperboard decreased, while raw material imports continued to grow.

As the consumption of paper and paperboard is closely related to economic growth, the declining GDP growth will have an impact on the growth of paper and paperboard consumption. We expect the paper industry’s economy will continue to decline in the first half of next year, with the expectation that the environment will warm up in the second half of next year. It will improve. Cultural papers are less affected by economic fluctuations, and demand is relatively stable. Pressure on coated paper comes from reduced exports and new production capacity. The economic prosperity of the white card is affected most significantly by the impact of new production capacity; newsprint is still a long time away from the low point.

Due to shrinking demand for paper, high inventory, falling freight rates, and exchange rate factors, prices of fiber raw materials fell after September, wood pulp prices fell by 15%, and waste paper prices fell by 60%. It is expected that pulp prices will stabilize after shifting their focus. The decline in the price of fiber raw materials will help companies reduce costs.

So if you need any custom printed hang tags with string in bulk quantity, this is a good opportunity to reduce the cost.

cardboard tags with string

In general, the paper we refer to is, in a broad sense, the terms paper and cardboard. In fact, the difference between paper and paperboard is merely differentiated from its quantitative (relative weight per square meter area of paper). People generally refer to paper within 200 g/m2 as paper; and 200 g/m2 or more paper as paperboard. In the past, the quantitative regulations for paper and board in China were: papers below 150 m2 are called paper, and papers above 200 g/m2 are called paperboard. Will be between 150-200g/m2 called cardboard (base paper).

We usually refer to thin paper as paper and thick paper as paperboard. However, in order to communicate information and exchange technology with foreign countries, according to the recommendations of the International Standards Organization, the quantitative standard for distinguishing paper and paperboard is determined to be 225 g/m2.

Usually the cardboard used for hang tag is around 240g/m2 coated paper, or white card, black card, etc.. Supplier also produce cardboard tags with string.

hang tags

Don’t just look for the price while buying clothes, there are some secrets hidden in the hang tags!

When you are shopping at a shopping mall, if you want to fully understand a piece of clothing, can’t only see colors and styles, also should pay attention to the information on the hang tags and labels.

  1. Look at the depth of color

The darker the color of the clothes, the more harmful substances in clothing dyes.It is recommended to choose light color when buying underwear and baby clothes

  1. Look at the model

Types with no height and bust are unqualified, qualified clothing size label:

“175/100A” 175 indicates height, 100 indicates chest circumference, and A indicates body type

A means “normal”, B means “overweight”, C means “fat” Y means “lean”

Washing marks must follow, washing, drying, ironing, etc.If there is no washing instructions on the hang tags or wash instructions are incorrectly labeled, most likely because of irregular manufacturers, it is recommended not to buy.

  1. Look at the grade

The grade of clothing is divided into excellent products, first-class products, qualified products. The higher the level, the higher the color fastness. In general, fewer first-class products and superior products are available in the market, so the label on the clothing label at least are quality products.

  1. Look at the safety technology category

Clothing has A, B, C three security technology levels, under 2 years old infant clothing must be Class A technical requirements. Clothing that directly touches the skin must be at least Class B technical requirements. Clothing that is not in direct contact with the skin must be at least Class C technical requirements.If cloth do not meet the technical requirements recommend not to buy. In addition, don’t take hang tag on clothes by scissors or tear it off directly.In fact, this hang tag is still useful, just you don’t know how use it!

Show Your Products with Custom Hang Tags

When it comes to your business, no detail is too small to be important. In fact, all of the little details are what sets your company apart from your competitors. At clothinglabels.cn,, we offer high-quality hang tag printing to ensure you are able to showcase your products with appealing, professional, custom hang tags. Whether you attach them to clothing or use them on other merchandise, custom tags show your customers that you are serious about making a great impression, and also can match the hang tag string with your logo to make your brand more prefect.

How to make custom hang tags for clothing?

  1. Please send us your e-mail with all details of custom hang tags, including artwork, size, quantity, your destination and our style number. Meanwhile, please advise whether you need us to make the custom hang tags sample or not firstly, whether we need to send you the custom hang tags sample for approval or not once finished.
  2. We will quote you the price once receive your details of custom hang tags.
  3. If you want to see the custom hang tags sample before production, the sample charge of custom hang tags is US 20$ – US 50$ without freight charge, the sample charge is collected according to the different material and technics. If you want to save the freight charge, we could send you the sample picture for your approval once finish the sample.

hang tags

What is hang tag?

Hang tags are small tags attached on the products, like clothes, having the information about the brand name, logo and origin, etc. Generally, hang tags are made by paper, plastic, metal etc. hanging on the products by string, rope and metal chain etc. On the hang tags, there are printed brief description and design of the products. Some qualification certificate is hanging on the products as a hang tag. Hang tags, as garment accessory, mostly hang or sewn on the some certain location of clothes or products, such as back collar, cuff, waist of trousers or button holes etc.

To view hang tags’s photo gallery
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Click to view hang tags’s photo gallery

We offer hang tags for clothing, the material of hang tags include paper, pvc, leather.Surface effect of hang tags : Gold / Sliver hot-stamping ,spot UV ,embossing ,and so on.

Details of hang tags:

1,Material: Paper(craft paper,coated art paper,ivory board paper,fancy paper,) / Woven fabric/ Plastic /PVC/Frosted PVC/PU/genuine leather ,etc.
2, Size & color : any size & any color is available.
3,Multi effect : Gold / Sliver hot-stamping ,spot UV ,embossing ,die cut to shape,Glossy/matte lamination, protect varnish,etc.
4, Addition parts : eyelet with string
5, Add on metal parts and accessory for matching
6,MOQ : 100pcs.

Different colored hot stamping

Below information request if you need hang tags‘s quotation from ClothingLabels.cn
  1. Reference sample from hang tags’s photo gallery or from other place.
  2. The quantity hang tags do you want. our MOQ is 100pcs.
  3. Your logo or your design of hang tags if you have.
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