Stretch lace trims for sewing

Stretch lace trims are an elastic lace fabric that is used for undergarments and wedding dresses sewing, they have elastic quality and an alluring appearance. The stretchy lace fabric usually contains elastic fibers including spandex or elastane. So they are durable and versatile.

These lace trims all have elastane content to give them the versatility of stretch. It has a soft hand feel at the same time. Besides, there is no raveling. That means they are washable and durable. All these factors make them perfect for lingerie, nightwear, or bridal garters. It’s actually a great, trendy material that can be utilized to dress up your home decor, add a little flirty femininity to a pair of denim cutoffs, or glam up your headbands and hair ties. They also invoke a delicate and classic aesthetic when used for collars, hems, and more.

We carry beautiful stretch lace trims that suit a variety of projects. Its size ranges from 1/2 inch wide to 18 inches wide. You can cut to any length. There is a large assortment of modern and vintage color options. Our wide selection of wholesale elastic lace trims is perfect for larger craft projects and can be used in countless ways.

Images of stretch lace trims

Details of stretch lace trims

  1. material: nylon and spandex
  2. style: elastic
  3. size & color: any size & any color is available;
  4. MOQ: 100 yards(stock), 1000 yards(customizing);


  • Reference sample from lace trims’ photo gallery or other places.
  • The minimum order quantity(MOQ): 100 yards(stock), 1000 yards(customizing).

Cotton lace trims for clothing

Cotton lace trims are decorative lace edges made of 100% cotton, which use a sewing or machine weaving way to make clothing fabrics more elegant and durable. They are imported products, which are the earliest mesh weave by crochet. Our cotton lace trims have items of lace ribbon, lace fabric, embroidery, and flower. From classic French style to fashion style, cotton lace trim works well in different styles. These cotton lace trims can achieve a perfect blend of clothing. So it is ideal for fabric details and home decor materials.

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