Crochet lace trim by the yard

Crochet lace trim is a decorative trim that is made with crochet weaving, and we offer crochet lace trim used for dressmaking or home decor by the yard. The trim comes in crochet edging lace trim, crochet insertion lace, and metallic crochet lace trim.

The crochet lace trim is designed using a distinct lace pattern. The strong base promise the trim keeps its shape. It is a little heavier than many laces. This makes it suitable for wrapping, tying, and decorating. Made from 100% cotton fabric, the crochet lace trim is not easy to scratch and irritate the skin. The trim has a natural organic look, machine-made crochet lace trim allows to dye vivid colors to use.

We wholesale custom crochet lace trims at a reasonable price. It has varying widths or colors to choose from. Besides, the patterns we carry are all unique and intricate. If you have the need, we also offer handmade Irish crochet lace trim.

Images of crochet lace trim

Application of crochet lace trim:

Flower wrapping

A crochet lace trim serves for fastening the bundles, at the same time adding more elegance after you finish wrapping. Since crochet trim is more durable than other laces, it is a perfect solution when you need it for bouquets or corsages.


When used for dressmaking, the crochet lace trim always adds a finishing touch to any of your designs. The narrow trim can be placed on the collar or sleeves for decorating. However, the wide lace suits for use as the main material. It is the perfect girlie embellishment for dressmaking.

Home decor

Almost everything in your home from pillows, curtains, to blankets, bed linens can use it. The use of crochet lace trim makes your home romantic and harmonious.

Details on the crochet lace trim:

  1. material: cotton, polyester etc.
  2. color: white, black, red, silver, pink, green, purple, daisy, cream, blue, etc.
  3. size: wide or narrow, any size is available;
  4. MOQ: 100 yards(stock), 1000 yards(customizing);


  • Reference sample from lace trims’ photo gallery or other places.
  • The minimum order quantity(MOQ): 100 yards(stock), 1000 yards(customizing).


  1. A little bit shrinkage might accur.
  2. Use dryers to prevent wrinkles.

Stretch lace trims for sewing

Stretch lace trims are elastic lace ribbons with high elasticity, we offer wide or narrow stretchy lace by yard used for waistbands or lingerie sewing. The stretchy lace fabric usually contains elastic fibers including spandex or elastane. So they are durable and versatile. Its alluring appearance gives your tops, dresses, or gowns a touch of elegance.

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Cotton lace trims for clothing

Cotton lace trims are decorative lace edges made of 100% cotton, which use a sewing or machine weaving way to make clothing fabrics more elegant and durable. They are imported products, which are the earliest mesh weave by crochet. Our cotton lace trims have items of lace ribbon, lace fabric, embroidery, and flower. From classic French style to fashion style, cotton lace trim works well in different styles. These cotton lace trims can achieve a perfect blend of clothing. So it is ideal for fabric details and home decor materials.

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