New trend-biodegradable corn starch bags

Biodegradable corn starch bags are made of cornflour/cassava as raw materials. They are green and biodegradable naturally with
a relatively short shelf life. You can customize the biodegradable carrier bags for packaging. Besides, many brands need eco-friendly packaging solutions. Then, they need to make compostable ziplock bags or self-adhesive bags for food, vegetable, garbage, etc. So, it becomes a new hot trend in the plastic packaging field.

We supply biodegradable corn starch bags at various bags at customers’ requests. Such as degradable composite bags, vest bags, flat pockets, express bags, etc. Most of them in daily life are vest bags (that is, the kind used in supermarkets). And people use it for shopping or clothing/garment packaging.

Details of biodegradable corn starch bags

  • Craft: offset printing, hot-cutting;
  • Product features: strong toughness and heavy bearing capacity;
  • Thickness: 0.05 mm, 0.06 mm, 0.07 mm-0.20 mm; the specific thickness is according to customer requirements.
  • Size: 22*30cm, 25*35cm, 28*40cm, 32*42cm, 35*45cm, etc. A small pouch or big bag is also customized at your request;
  • Color: customized;
  • Material: degradable PE, Kraft paper, degradable PET, etc;
  • Uses: plastic packaging, dried fruit, food, daily necessities;
  • If you need to print logo, please offer bag type, size, thickness, quantity, logo file.

Pictures list as below:

Why are biodegradable bags greener than traditional PE plastic bags?

Compared with traditional plastic packaging bags (PE), the chemical properties of cornstarch, cassava, etc. are not stable and are easily degraded in the natural environment.

Except for the difference in chemical properties, biodegradable bags feel more delicate. And they are skin-friendly than traditional plastic bags.

The birth of biodegradable bags relieved the pressure on the environment caused by daily chemicals. So, it is an excellent choice for both human health and natural health.

Corn starch

Corn starch is a colorless and transparent liquid lactic acid first extracted from corn through modern biotech. And the main raw materials are corn, corn cob, and corn stalk. Besides, we can use corn starch as the raw material for degradable plastic bags. Then, it is the most ideal raw material to replace PO to make vest bags.

What is the difference between corn starch bag and regular PO bag?

Corn starch is generally milky white, very cloudy, and thick. It feels hemp-like and has a paper-like texture. Also, it is much thicker and heavier than ordinary plastic bags.

Compared with ordinary PO vest bags, the degradation time of corn starch bags is short. So, a corn starch bag will only take 60 to 180 days. But, it takes about 200 years for an ordinary PO plastic bag to be completely degraded. This is why the country promotes bio-degradable bags.

Types of eco-friendly plastic bags

What is eco-friendly plastic bags? Eco-friendly plastic bags do not refer to a certain kind of plastic bag. It is a general term for all plastic bags with natural protection properties.

There are two main types of eco-friendly plastic bags commonly used in daily life. One is a degradable plastic bag. And the other is a fully degradable plastic bag.

Degradable plastic bag

The degradable plastic bag is made of degradable materials (like starch) and ordinary plastic materials (such as PE). And its material degrades rapidly after the plastic bag is discarded. Yet, ordinary plastics do not degrade. That is to say, this green plastic bag will be broken down into pieces if we discarded it. Then, the pieces are hard-to-degrade ordinary plastic materials that reduce the pressure on the nature.

Fully degradable plastic bag

Fully degradable plastic bags are not strictly plastic bags anymore. It’s just the same length as a plastic bag. So people still call them plastic bags. Because of the cost, only some high-end stores or large supermarket chains will use it in daily life. Of course, they will degrade quickly after being thrown away.

The essence of biodegradable corn starch bags

What is the principle of biodegradable corn starch bags cycle?

  1. Using cornflour/cassava as a raw material;
  2. Fully biodegradable resin;
  3. Biodegradable Products;
  4. Garbage can turn into organic fertilizer;
  5. Organic fertilizers can be used for crop growth;

Why promote biodegradable corn starch bags?

At present, the most serious natural problem we are facing is white pollution. And white pollution is due to the excessive use of non-degradable plastics and random disposal. And the non-degradable garbage is mainly non-degradable plastic garbage bags. Thus, the promotion of bio-degradable bags can reduce the use of non-degradable plastic products. Then it can achieve the purpose of reducing white pollution.

How to promote biodegradable corn starch bags ?

First, everyone should join the ranks of natural protection. In daily life, use degradable bags and reduce the use of non-degradable plastic bags. Brands can also use biodegradable corn starch bags to promote the development of national natural protection.

Courier bag with pocket

The courier bag with pocket is a delivery bag for packing goods, which is made of PE/PP material, and ​the small clear pocket outside can pack express waybill. And it has self-adhesive on the back. The parcel plastic bag is perfect for logistics, express delivery, etc. And the transparent pocket of the mailing poly bags can also hold many shipping sheets. Such as customs declaration forms, packing lists, bills of lading, invoices, safety data sheets, etc.

The courier bag with pocket we wholesale are waterproof and moisture-proof. Besides, we seal the sides in a tight way to ensure the documents are safe. Further, the glue attached to the back of poly mailers can paste on any surface. So, it becomes convenient and easy to use. Second, the sealed polythene bag uses professional blown film and has a strong bearing capacity. Thus, they are resistant to abrasion and not easy to break. In addition, we use the hot-cut edge sealing process for reinforcement. And the sealing edge is tight and resistant to pull.

We supply bulk custom courier & mailer bags with pocket with designed logos. In addition, you have two choices to order from us. And they are plain courier plastic bags or personalized mailing bags. Then, we can ship them to the whole world. Such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, etc. If you want to order, please contact us at any time. And you can send us your logo file and tell us your quantity, size, or color. If not, we will offer free design for you.

Images of courier bag with pocket

Details of courier bag with pocket

  • Material: HDPE/LDPE/PP/Polythene/co-extruded plastic film/green material;
  • Size: accept customized size;
  • Logo: accept customized logo;
  • Industrial Use: e-commerce shipping, clothing, express packaging, food, etc;
  • Closure Type: heat seal, etc;
  • Printing Color: black, white, blue, grey, pink, customized up to 11 colors, etc;
  • Features: spacious, durable, damage-resistant, water-proof, moisture-proof, etc;
  • Field of application: express logistics, invoice packaging, document packaging, etc;

How to use the courier bag with pocket?

Please watch the following video to better learn how to use the courier bag with pocket. And you will find a different surprise. Because the below mailer bag is a new design we made for our clients. And you can see that we print their logo on the whole back area. Of course, the brand logo printed entirely on the outside of the bag will greatly enhance brand awareness. This will also bring a certain amount of exposure to the public. It’s much cheaper than advertising.

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