Change the plastic bag to muslin bag or paper bag?

Now, environmental protection has become a topic that everyone in the society pays attention to. We are a country with limited resources. Everyone should protect the environment and resources. Such as plastic products, China’s plastic products now seriously pollute our environment and bring “white pollution.”

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The plastic shopping bag is a kind of “white pollution”. It is not only a consumable item in daily life, but also China consumes a large number of plastic shopping bags every year. While plastic shopping bags provide convenience for consumers, they also cause serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution due to excessive use and recycling.

It is recommended that supermarkets replace plastic shopping bags with muslin bags so that customers do not have to worry about bags breaking even if they buy large quantities of items. Because the muslin bags are strong enough, they can be reused, and the LOGO of the supermarket can be printed on the muslin bags. Supermarkets are also a type of promotion. Supermarkets can also wholesale large quantities of muslin bags instead of retail muslin bags to save costs.

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