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PVC plastic bags for fashion brands

PVC plastic bags are plastic bags with a transparent design of PVC material, which is light and waterproof and popular with young ladies and fashion brands. The handbag with a large opening and capacity can be placed at will for daily use. In recent years, many fashionable big-name bags have adopted the material of PVC, such as Chanel, Burberry, and so on. Many fashion bloggers also take very beautiful PVC plastic bags when street shooting to highlight their fashion sense.

PVC plastic bags are generally waterproof materials. It has a wide range of uses. It can be used not only for storage but also for shopping. The smaller one is suitable for small items, such as skincare products, cosmetics, and toiletries. While the larger one is ideal for shampoo, change of clothes, books, etc. We supply custom PVC bags for fashion brands. It can add your logo or other information to improve your brand image.

Advantages of PVC plastic bags

The color of this kind of PVC bags is richer, which can meet the needs of various people. In particular, a unique transparent bag can be created, and the candy color bag of this material is also the most popular among consumers. The PVC plastic bags are particularly glossy, and they look like it will always shine with the naked eye.

The bag made of PVC material is cheap, but the finished product is expensive and fashionable. So it is very popular among manufacturers. The MOQ of the bags is 1000pcs. They are lighter, which is also a major reason why it is popular with women.


The PVC plastic bags have poor tensile strength and generally bear relatively small load-bearing capacity. So if you carry this bag, it is best not to put too many heavy things on. Compared with other bag materials, PVC material is not resistant to wear, high temperatures, and easy to age, so its service life is relatively short.

The PVC plastic bags have always been synonymous with avant-garde since it entered our field of vision. Even if it has been popular in the fashion industry for many years, it is still rarely seen in life. So if you dare to challenge and try, the PVC bag will definitely make you the most eye-catching one on the street, and the chance of hitting the bag is also very small. If you are more good at hands-on, you can even make it by yourself, so that it is really fashionable.

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