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There are various types of animal leather that can be used for clothes, bags, etc, like cow leather, pig leather, goat leather, sheep leather, horse leather. The thickness of the dermis layer of animal skins or fish skins is relatively thick. Their use as clothing materials has a long history. And we can see them in clothing leather and shoe leather. Then, we make leather labels or patches by using them. So, they are ideal for bags, hats, shoes, cases, or garments.

In general, leather products made of genuine leather are more upscale and luxurious. Moreover, they mostly use pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, and deerskin as the main raw material. In addition, fish leather and reptile leather also have wide use. Such as in the processing and production of decorative leather for clothing and luggage.

Several common types of animal leather in various garments

  • Cow leather
  • Pig leather
  • Goat leather
  • Sheep leather
  • Horse leather

1. Cow leather

Cow leather is the epidermis of animal cattle. Because the leather is delicate and durable, we often use it in handicrafts. Factories process raw cowhide into a non-perishable, flexible, and breathable product. Therefore, it has greater strength, abrasion and bending resistance. The grain pores of the cowhide are finely dispersed. The surface is flat and smooth. And its brightness is higher after polishing. Therefore, it is perfect for bag materials, sports tops, footwear, or leather bags.

According to the level of leather, there are first layer leather and second layer leather. The two-layer leather is relatively bright and smooth. In general, we coat a layer of chemical material on the surface of the two-layer cowhide. Then spray or cover with PVC, PU film. Its price is cheap and the utilization rate is high. However, it will crack after wearing for a long time. The second layer of cowhide is thicker than the first layer of cowhide. Also, the better the top layer cowhide, the thinner the texture.

2. Pig leather

The pig skin leather is that the dermal tissue that is a little rough and irregular. Its hair roots are deep. Therefore, there are voids in the leather pores. Its breathability is better than cowhide. But the cortex is rough and elastic. Also. its grain is uneven. Then, the pores are large and deep. Therefore, we mainly use it in the footwear, luggage, furniture industry.

3. Goat leather

The goat leather is thinner. Also, the fibrous cortex of the dermis is thinner. Therefore, its surface is arranged more parallel. And the organization is more compact. So, the surface has a strong luster. And it’s breathable, flexible, and strong. The grained pores are oblong and oblique into the leather. Meanwhile, it has rough lines upwards. Then, we can see several pores in a group of fish scales. Thus, we use it for outerwear, sports tops, leather jacket, suit case, etc.

4. Sheep leather

A thin epidermis characterizes sheep leather. The fiber bundles in the leather A thin epidermis characterizes sheep leather. And the fiber bundles in the leather are tightly interwoven. The finished leather feels smooth to the touch. And it has better extensibility and elasticity. But its strength is slightly less. So we often use it in clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, backpacks, etc.

5. Horse leather

Horse leather is slightly thicker than cow leather. Especially the back part of the leather is fine and solid. So it is suitable for shoemaking. In addition, its pores are slightly larger and oval in shape, forming a wavy arrangement. However, people use horsehide less in clothing.

In addition, we can also see deer leather, snake leather, crocodile leather in clothing & decorative appliances. Well, the above are the 5 common types of animal leather for people. Not only can they be made into clothing labels, but we can print brand logos on them.

Through this article, we understand the purpose of types of animal leather. Many high-end or luxury brands also use genuine leather for their products. But, again, we can use artificial leather under the influence of animal protectionism. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are also affordable. What’s more, we can create a variety of shapes with PU/PVC leather.

And we can also make them into custom leather patches. And then, sew it onto clothes, bags, or hats. Then, they have many backing options. Such as iron-on adhesive backing, velcro, etc. Hope this article is helpful to you all.

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