3 hang tag string ways

Hang tag string is a cost-effective way to attach your hang tags, there are 3 hang tag string ways to help to string your hang tags through the metal eyelet.

Way 1: Fully-automated hang tag string

This preferred method is cost-effective, convenient, and fast. Automatic hang tag string services take out most of the labor. This technology punches the hole in your hang tag, strings it, and ties it all in one step.

Fully automated hang tag stringing can be the best option for high volume projects (20,000+ tags) because it saves on labor and time. This time-efficient method, however, has limited options.

This service cannot string a hang tag with a hole previously punched in. There are also limitations to the color and size of the hang tag string.

Way 2: Semi-automated tag string

This is suitable for small to medium size projects. Even though more expensive and with longer production time than fully automated hang tag string. It’s still cost-effective and relatively quick. A few thousand hang tags can be strung in as little as one day.

Way 3: Hand application

Hang tag string is hand applied and tied to the hang tags. People who have small businesses prefer to apply to hang tag string to their tags themselves because it is often perceived as the cheapest method. But they might neglect the labor and time-consuming since they need to cut and tie hang tag string to tags and items. This process might be tedious and time-consuming. Considering the quantity is not so huge, this is also optional.

knowing your budget and what it will take to attach your tags before you get them can be a great help. You might choose the proper type of hang tag string to sell your products according to the above information.

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