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Custom Removable Labels for Clothing

Custom removable labels allow you to have the fun of customizing colors, patterns, and more while removing them from the substrate without causing damage. These tags can be used to mark items for a short period of time before they are no longer needed or removed when they become outdated. If you need to attach tags to clothes or hangers but want to take them off after a few weeks, removable tags are just the thing for you.

Clothinglabels’ high-quality removable labels are made to stick and remove cleanly once you don’t need them. The label has low stickiness, so it can stick wherever you want. They are available on sheets. We offer gloss, matte, and semi-gloss finishes for all custom removable labels. So design your custom removable labels in a wide range of colors, sizes, or shapes.

Images of custom removable labels


What are custom removable labels?

Removable labels are made with a removable adhesive designed to provide relatively low initial adhesion and final adhesion, meaning that the label will adhere to the substrate, but also be easily removed. When producing custom removable labels, in addition to producing blank labels that are covered on one side with a removable adhesive so that the label is applied to the surface and then peeled off, it is also necessary to print information such as product details, company logos, or bar codes on the side of the label that is not covered with a removable adhesive.

Why need custom removable labels?

Poor-quality clothing labels are itchy, uncomfortable, and stick out from underneath clothing, so removable labels are a better alternative. Or you can choose to replace product labels, price tags, or promotional labels used as coupons with removable labels, which allow users to peel the labels of the product and reuse them. Also, removable labels are particularly suitable for children or the elderly, as schools or nursing homes may require that their belongings like clothes are labeled with names.

Benefits of using removable labels

Time saving

Using removable tabs reduces the time it takes to open the seam and sew on your own labels.

Budget saving

If you don’t have to pay a tailor to add and remove tags in your budget, removing tags can save you a lot of money.

Professional look

Removable labels still offer a professional and finished look to your clothing.

Uses of removable labels

  • Name tags
  • Product labels
  • Price tags
  • Electronic stickers
  • Home organization
  • Food packaging
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Get removable labels from here

Looking for removable labels? As a professional manufacturer of various clothing labels, Clothinglabels offers professional removable labels. In addition to custom colors, sizes, and shapes, you can choose from thermal, thermal transfer, laser, or inkjet printing. Either way, every removable label has a clear and sharp image. We also have semi-gloss, glossy, and matte finishes available.

Details of custom removable labels

  1. Any size and color are available.
  2. Easy to apply and easy to remove without damaging your products.
  3. Excellent quality and reasonable price
  4. MOQ: unlimited(No MOQ).

Custom removable labels for clothing

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