Baggage leather label

Mr. Shi has suffered a shocking moment in recent days. Mr. Shi has been living abroad for more than 10 years and recently returned to China on his annual leave. Taking a plane is a familiar thing for him. He has always been very careful in his life. In order to prevent wrong baggage, he wrote his address and contact information on his luggage leather tag. At the airport, Mr. Shi handled the baggage expertly and waited for boarding. Thinking about being able to reunite with his family soon, he was full of joy.

However, the accident happened suddenly: He was stopped by the police when he dragged his suitcase out. It turned out that his suitcase actually contained a small packet of drugs! Mr. Shi scared a cold sweat. He has always been a law-abiding person. He never thought that he would be involved in drugs. How can you suddenly get more drugs in your bag? There is no mouth to tell. Mr. Shi was always panicked and was taken away by the police!

It turned out that some drug dealers chose those suitcases with detailed addresses to start and secretly put the drugs in the boxes. These innocent passengers cleared the border without knowing it. The drug dealers then returned to the door on their luggage and retrieved the drugs. In Southeast Asian countries, as long as 50 grams of drugs are detected, it is possible to be sentenced to death. Everyone must be careful!

According to the police, similar incidents have occurred many times: drug traffickers retrieve their drugs after being transported by innocent passengers. It turned out that writing a detailed address and other information on the luggage would hide a huge security risk.

So when you are out, the baggage tag is needed to differentiate your baggage from hundreds of others. Usually, leather tag, leather patch or leather label is used, also can customer your leather patch form others!

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