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10 Best Clothing Hang Tag Ideas

Clothing Hang tag printing material is various, not just paper. Logo printing techniques are also multiple

A traditional hang tag is usually made of art paper. By firstly printing the brand logo and relative images on paper, then cutting into a rectangular shape and punching a hole, finally matching a string, we make a hang tag.
Now we would like to introduce the 10 best clothing hang tag ideas we made-more creative in material and technique.

clothing hang tag ideas1

1. This hang tag is specialized in stamping laser silver color. Differentiated from normal gold or silver, you can see different colors from different directions. The hang tag shape is also special because the cutting is different from the usual square or rectangular shape.

clothing hang tag ideas2

2.This clothing hang tag ideas are embodied in material. The first one is frosted PVC, not normal art paper. The stamped purple gold looks very beautiful and delicate.

clothing hang tag ideas8

3.This hang tag technique is special, the square circle is UV; the logo inside a circle is engraving and embossing, it makes the whole square part looks floating above. Coated with a matte finish, with black waxed rope and pin, the tag looks commercial and elegant.

clothing hang tag ideas 9

4.This hang tag material is PVC similar to a bank card, the thickness is also similar to a bank card. The surface is frosted and printed, it is very creative.

clothing hang tag ideas 4

5.This clothing hang tag ideas are tracing paper above, after cut into letters shape, the logo occurs.

clothing hang tag ideas 5

6.This hang tag material is real leather which logo is pretty vertical upon using the hot-press technique. As a tag of leather products, it can well represent real leather products character.

clothing hang tag ideas 6

7.The hang tag is a unit, the larger one is craft paper, logo silkscreen printed; the round one is super white cotton fabric, the logo also silkscreen printed. With eyelet, flax string, and pin, the tag looks classic and eco-friendly.

clothing hang tag ideas 7

8.This clothing hang tag idea is shown in a 3mm thickness paper, very thick almost the same as a coin, meanwhile, it is cut into a logo shape, can reflect the feature of the brand very well.

clothing hang tag ideas 10

9.This hang tag is creative at choosing 1.5mm thickness single-sided art paper, the surface is not shiny coated but gloss varnish. This tag looks fashionable and elegant, very suitable for a lady’s clothing brand.

clothing hang tag ideas 11

10.This hang tag technique is complicated, price is high relatively. The technique has UV, stamping gold, silkscreen print on satin tape, black eyelet. The clothing hang tag ideas are elegance and delicacy.

If you want more hang tags’ photos for reference, please view our hang tags’ photo gallery. I’m sure you will find the best design that you crush on.

hang tags’ photo gallery

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