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Best muslin bags for fashion brands

With more and more design elements of canvas bags, the canvas bag market has formed a fashion pursuit represented by driftwood brands. Best muslin bags are the new favorite of fashionable people. Canvas bags are basically versatile and can match any clothing. Monochromatic canvas bag is the most common item, although it is very practical, I believe you will sometimes feel bored, so you might as well choose a canvas bag with a bright color pattern to accompany you to go shopping. provides custom muslin bags with diverse styles and sizes. The customer’s logo can be printed or embroidered on these muslin bags as their wish.

Muslin bags
Muslin bags

Muslin bags also called cotton bags or canvas bags, and they are a kind of environmentally friendly bag; it is small, convenient, durable and easy to carry with enough space and it can hold a lot of things. The biggest advantage is that it can be used repeatedly to reduce the pollution of the environment to a large extent. In these years, it becomes a more and more popular environmental-friendly bag in the world. Muslin bags are made of natural cotton, and most of the cotton bags are rarely dyeing.

Details of best muslin bags:

  • Size/color/shape: as your request.
  • Material: cotton.
  • Surface disposal: printing, etc.
  • Packing: outer packing with export carton.
  • MOQ: 100 pcs
muslin bags 049

Maintenance method of best muslin bags

Washing: add a small amount of detergent or soap powder to the clean water and gently scrub it with a soft brush if there are stubborn stains to avoid soaking for a long time and avoid getting wet on the leather part as far as possible.

muslin bags 034

Drying: when drying, please turn the inside of the bag to the outside and hang it upside down to dry, which is helpful to maintain the original shape of the bag. Avoid direct sunlight and air-dry or shade-dry is the best way.

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Storage: when not in use for a long time, please store it in a cool and dry place to avoid the heavy pressure, so as to avoid moisture or folding deformation. With care and meticulous maintenance, your favorite muslin bags will feel more and more on your back!

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