Cardboard tags with string

In general, the paper we refer to is, in a broad sense, the terms paper and cardboard. In fact, the difference between paper and paperboard is merely differentiated from its quantitative (relative weight per square meter area of paper). People generally refer to paper within 200 g/m2 as paper; and 200 g/m2 or more paper as paperboard. In the past, the quantitative regulations for paper and board in China were: papers below 150 m2 are called paper, and papers above 200 g/m2 are called paperboard. Will be between 150-200g/m2 called cardboard (base paper).

cardboard tags with string

We usually refer to thin paper as paper and thick paper as paperboard. However, in order to communicate information and exchange technology with foreign countries, according to the recommendations of the International Standards Organization, the quantitative standard for distinguishing paper and paperboard is determined to be 225 g/m2.

Usually the cardboard used for hang tag is around 240g/m2 coated paper, or white card, black card, etc.. Supplier also produce cardboard tags with string.

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