Improper use of clear clothing labels

Clear clothing labels can be used as garment neck labels? Recently an improper use of clear clothing labels from one of our customers can tell you why. The client bought some big size clear clothing labels from us. Generally speaking, the size of a clear clothing label is small, which suits for swimwear or underwear. When the customers buy these big sizes from us, I wondered how they will be used. But I thought the customer has a better idea for their logo and products. Till the customer send some pictures for the clear clothing labels sew on a black garment, I understand they use the clear clothing label as a garment neck label.

Usually, the garment material color is easy to fade away, this customer’s garment can’t be avoided, so I found that there are some black dots on the clear clothing labels. As we know, the material of clear clothing labels is semi-transparent TPU.

So if you want to use the clear clothing labels as a neck label or care label for garment, please pay attention to the fabric and color! At the same time, before your order, you can contact our salesmen who know more relative information about our products and they will give you some advice to match and protect your products as much as possible

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