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Custom PVC handbags for wholesale

PVC handbags are see-through bags used for packaging small items, we wholesale customized clear white handbags, clear tinted handbags, and tote handbags. The PVC material gives the handbags a firm shape and strong strength. Finishes include glossy lamination, rigid line bottom, lined and pocked interior, etc. With high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, you are bound to own your stylish PVC handbags.

With the sudden rise of PVC handbags, bag brands prefer to offer more of these bags for choice. Luxury brands like Gucci and Chanel are the major players. These PVC handbags attract more customers for their fun and funky versatility and transparency. They are suitable for summer or your beach holiday. You can see inside and quickly find what you need. The trait that is easy to clean and maintain makes them more popular. Unlike leather bags, the PVC material help withstand day-to-day wear well. More importantly, they display your personal items in an artistic way.

We are here to turn your draft into real PVC bags. Normally these handbags are transparent. But, after the introduction of several types of coating, these are printed in different colors. Most commonly liked flashy neon colors or rainbow shaded hand carries. Besides the bag body, we also have metal chains, buckles, zippers, and more accessories. Front or images come in high definition. Whether you need PVC shopping bags or designer PVC handbags, we can help.

Images of PVC handbags

Pros of the PVC handbags

1. flexible customization

Wanna stand out from others? Being distinct is not an option. Every choice you’ve made is appreciated here. You can design them according to your will. If you don’t want the available templates, you can show us yours. What’s more, from colors, sizes to patterns, you are free to create your unique handbags.

2. easy to identify items

Since the bag is transparent, you can easily see what’s inside. That makes them suitable for working, concerts, sports events, and other occasions. Specifically, you can organize all stuff of your daily use easily, such as your phone, wallet, keys, and more.

3. artistic displaying of inner items

The PVC coat makes the items like wearing a cloth. Organized items in this bag look artistic and stylish. If you are a fashion icon, you definitely can not miss them.

4. withstand long-time use

PVC is durable. So these bags can withstand long-time use. The water-proof ability makes them suitable for the beach.

5. easy to maintain

You may be bothered by the maintenance of leather handbags. However, PVC handbags are easy to clean. Wipe the dirt off by using a damp towel. Cover them when not used.

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