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  1. Do you have a price list for theses hangers, we would like to have our logo on regular white plastic hangers.
    how much?

  2. Hi ,

    I need white velvet hanger with logo for wedding dress. shaped like a triangle or with a notch to hold them
    It is possible ?

  3. Hello !
    Could you please contact me , I’d like to order hangers and need the prices
    Thank you

  4. Hi, I have a home interior design company and would like to see a price list for my home organization projects. Thank you



    1. Hi, Cathy
      Thanks for your sincere contact.
      My colleague will reply to your email later about your requests. For more information please contact our email: [email protected].
      Best regards

    1. Dear Kealeboga,

      Thanks for your contact. My Colleague Kylan ([email protected]) had replied to your email about your inquiry.

      Attached are some black hangers for your reference, black hangers, gold logo, do you like this style?
      For gold hangers, is the entire hanger gold? Gold hangers like the attached picture?

      Do you have a logo? Do you want to make a logo on the hanger or do you not need a logo?
      50 to 100 pieces are available. Are hangers for men or women?
      Looking forward to your reply.

      Best regards
      Pinli LIMITED
      ADD: 3-404, No.165 Wuchang Road, Yuhang District

      Hangzhou, Zhejiang China 310023

      Mob:+86 18069837764

      Tel: +86 571 8891 3839

      Website: http://www.clothinglabels.cn

      Whatsapp: +86 18069837764

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