4 tips on craftsmanship of leather labels


The craftsmanship of leather labels mainly includes electrothermal pressing, hot-pressing, screen printing, laser-carving, embossing, logo debossing, etc. Many brands highlight the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, making it easier for consumers to notice their leather labels and remember their brands.

There are many techniques for making leather labels. Different techniques can achieve different effects:

Embossing and debossing

embossing leather labels

A single embossing of the leather can achieve a stereoscopic effect, giving people a simple but not contracted feeling. Your logo can be embossed or engraved. Or you can make your logo debossed or raised to achieve a 3D effect.

Hot pressing printing

hot-pressing leather labels

Hot pressing uses high temperatures and a lot of pressure to press. The color will be different if the temperature and pressure are different. If you want the color to highlight the logo of the clothing brand, choose the screen printing and then embossing, so that the leather brand becomes more colorful.

High-frequency printing

high-frequency leather labels

Some leather labels use only silk printing, while others use high-frequency printing. It is just like a painting that logo is firmly printed on the leather label.

Combining leather

Golden copper leather labels

If they were all leather, it would be too monotonous. For the sake of innovation, many brand companies have designed many novel leather labels. Through the combination of the leather, let the leather more expressive. By combining leather labels, they are more expressive.

For example, the leather is used as a photo frame, and the leather is hollowed out to highlight the golden copper sheet so that the logo is shiny. Some put ribbons on the leather to screen the logo, and some ironed and drilled on the leather to make the leather more high-grade and different. Some brands will put hardware on the leather to give it a leather and metal texture, while also bringing out the uniqueness of the leather labels.

In a word, as one of the most important logos of clothing brands, a leather label is made and designed in all kinds of strange ways. We have more than 10 years of professional experience in leather customization, welcome to contact us for cooperation at any time.

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