Custom printed hang tags with string

Custom printed hang tags with string

In the first half of 2008, the industry experienced high growth. In the second half of the year, due to the slowdown in downstream demand due to economic slowdown, under the influence of factors such as changes in supply and demand and new production capacity, the prices of major products peaked and declined. The company’s production cuts and price cuts introduced product prices in the market. Falling trend, the industry downturn. The rate of production and sales decreased, inventory increased, while exports of paper and paperboard decreased, while raw material imports continued to grow.

custom printed hang tags with string

As the consumption of paper and paperboard is closely related to economic growth, the declining GDP growth will have an impact on the growth of paper and paperboard consumption. We expect the paper industry’s economy will continue to decline in the first half of next year, with the expectation that the environment will warm up in the second half of next year. It will improve. Cultural papers are less affected by economic fluctuations, and demand is relatively stable. Pressure on coated paper comes from reduced exports and new production capacity. The economic prosperity of the white card is affected most significantly by the impact of new production capacity; newsprint is still a long time away from the low point.

Due to shrinking demand for paper, high inventory, falling freight rates, and exchange rate factors, prices of fiber raw materials fell after September, wood pulp prices fell by 15%, and waste paper prices fell by 60%. It is expected that pulp prices will stabilize after shifting their focus. The decline in the price of fiber raw materials will help companies reduce costs.

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