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Custom zip lock bag for clothes

We provide custom zip lock bag for clothes, which can print your logo or brand name on it and customize the size and style according to your requirements. The clear or frosted zip clothing bag often uses for a packaging bag with reclosable zip or slider, and is ideal for poly mailers, resealable packing. And their materials include plastic, PVC, non-woven, leather, etc. You can customize the small or large personalized zip lock bag size and style at your request. Meanwhile, it can be reusable, recycled, and biodegradable. But, we can make the ziplock plastic packaging bags or pouches in a transparent or translucent way. Besides, its sealing ways cover resealable lock and zipper lock.

Custom zip lock bags have wide use in clothing sportswear, gymnastics leotards and hang tags, T-shirts & hoodies. And the clothes can be showed on store shelves for sales directly after packaging.

Compared with other exquisite vacuum plastic packaging bags, the zip lock bags are much lower in price. According to the test, a 2-gallon zip lock bag is perfect for clothing packaging. The way is easy. Firstly you need to fold your garment and put them in these bags, roll these bags to release most of the air. Then close up the end of the zip. In this way, your clothes keep remarkably wrinkle-free and clean. When taking it out again, it looks so fresh and It’s like just washed and ironed.

Custom zip lock bags are also water-proof. When you are caught in the rain on the journey, you can use them to protect your dry and clean clothes from rain. Also, we can use it to store dirty and wet clothes away from clean ones. The bags can be washed and reused over and over.

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Printed poly zip lock bags give your product a professional appeal to promote your company. You can print the logo, barcode, site link, social media, pics on it. On the other hand, we can manufacture green ziplock bags and hanging garment bags for your clothes packaging. Thus, you can design your own custom zip lock bag and send the logo file to us. And we will make a great final product for you.

Details of custom zip lock bag

1, Size/shape/thickness: as per customer’s request;
2, Material: PP, PE, OPP, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, leather, non-woven, etc;
3, Color: Up to 6 Colors;
4, Packing: inner packing with PP bag, outer packing with export carton;
5, Printing: Gravure printing, etc;
6, Trait Analysis: Environmental protection, Moisture-proof, soft, recyclable, etc;
7, MOQ: 500 pcs;


1, Reference sample from above custom zip lock bag’s photo gallery or other places;
2, The minimum quantity: the MOQ is 500pcs;
3, You can send us your logo design or art file, but if not, we will offer free design for you;

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  1. Omega McBride Brand is a Chicago-based brand, built on courage. We would like to establish a partnership with a company that provides customized clear, lightly tinted or black ziploc type bags for clothing such as T-shirts & hoodies in bulk, at an affordable rate. We have an awesome logo an brand already printed on T-shirts, wristbands, letter heads, gift boxes, backpacks and other merchandise we plan to include in a holiday giveaway. We are musicians, songwriters and community activists at heart and would like to end the year strong by further establishing the Brand name as the new wave. Looking forward to hearing from your company. Thank you

    1. Hi, dear Omega McBride
      Thanks a lot for your sincere contact. We are very happy to cooperate with your company. We can make custom packaging bags as your requests.
      My Colleague Lily([email protected]) will reply to your email later about your inquiry.
      If you haven’t received the email with a response, please kindly check your spam folder.
      Best wishes,

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