Embossed hang tags

Embossed hang tags

The recent idle boredom studied the tag of genuine and fake Archaeopteryx products and found that it is still relatively easy to distinguish. To share, just do research on the tag of the opponent’s head.

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image of hang tags
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As mentioned before, if there is no bar code 2D code or if the 2D code scan is inconsistent with the actual product, it can basically be judged as a fake product. Please purchase it with caution.

In addition to bar codes and two-dimensional codes, they can also be distinguished according to the tag. True Archaeopteryx tag and counterfeit tag surface texture, color, emboss effect and details are not the same, really Archaeopteryx tag logo embossed effect is more obvious, more three-dimensional Sense, a good point of detail processing.

Now many big brands can be distinguished from counterfeit products from the details, such as the complexity of the tag, logo UV and embossed hang tags, or logo engraved hang tags, etc.

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