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Fold labels: 5 common folded ways

Fold labels are clothing labels with many fold ways, like manhattan fold label, loop fold label, mitre or centerfold label, end fold label, fan fold label, etc. The folded labels & tags contain many garment labels. Such as fabric labels, satin & damask woven labels, printed labels, neck labels, and size labels. And all of the above labels can be made in a folding way. Then, we sew them into seams or wrap them around the edges of garments, pants, socks, handmade items, etc.

This folding method can make the label present the most perfect state. Therefore, they are versatile and suitable for different clothes. Such as coats, sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts, etc. Usually, we recommend suitable fold labels and sizes based on the customer's products. In this way, clothing and labels will be perfectly integrated. Compared with the straight cut label, the fold-out labels have relatively high requests on the crafts. Because there will be one more procedure during production.

Then, I will classify and interpret the common folded clothing labels with different folding methods. And I hope you can get different opinions. Besides, we wholesale custom fold labels with personalized logos for fashion brands. Moreover, we supply fan fold label and book fold label too. We can also customize fold labels in a roll, then you cut along the dotted line to use. Please contact us if you what to customize your own shining labels.

fold labels in roll

What is the manhattan fold label?

The Manhattan fold label is to fold the center of the label in half, and then fold it again on the top edge. So, we can say it’s a combination of a centerfold label and an end fold label. Therefore, the Manhattan fold label is mainly used for clothing hem tags & labels or textile edges. Such as T-shirt cuffs, shirt hem, etc. Such clothes will be very comfortable and soft to wear.

Images of the manhattan fold labels

manhattan fold label_DSC8258
manhattan fold label_DSC687957
manhattan fold label 01
manhattan fold label 02

What is the mitre fold label?

mitre fold label 03

mitre fold label is a label folded down at a 45-degree angle at the end. So, it can be sewn into a seam. And we use the label as a collar label and sew it on the neck of garments. Therefore, the label can be folded to form a loop. In this way, it is ideal for hanging clothing. Such as pullovers, lightweight coats, and shirts.

Samples of the mitre fold labels

mitre fold label DSC0697
mitre fold label DSC0103
mitre fold label 05
mitre fold label 04
mitre fold label 02
mitre fold label 01
mitre fold label DSC520016

What is the center fold label?

center fold label 04

centerfold label is a label folded in the center, and it has two sides. But, it calls midfold labels too. And we can classify it into two types: centerfold woven labels & long center fold woven labels. In addition, the front of the label can print or woven with brand logo or size information. Then there will usually be details about the maintenance and care of the clothing on the back. Hence, we use it on the side, back neckline, or back waistband.

Images of the center fold labels

center fold label_DSC4422
center fold label_DSC8323
center fold label_DSC9446
center fold label 01
center fold label 03
center fold label DSC0573
center fold label DSC0702

What is the end fold label?

An end fold label is a label that is folded in about a quarter of the ends respectively. Then, there are folds on the top and bottom sides. Thus, this label saves the sewing area. At this time, just sew the ends of both sides into the clothes. And the end looks very smooth too. In this way, the corners of the label will not irritate the skin like the neck. And it is very comfortable to wear a jacket, shirt, and T-shirt with end fold label. So, the end fold label is the most widely used fold label.

Samples of the end fold labels

end fold label 03
end fold label_DSC0257
end fold label_DSC8744
end fold label_DSC1303
end fold label 01

What is the loop fold label?

loop fold label 01

loop fold label is a straight cut rectangular label, then the buyer folded in half to form a loop when using. Then, we sew it into the fabric or clothing using the two end sides. Then, we produce custom loop fold woven labels and printed labels for our clients. So, you can send us your brand logo and we design it on the label. However, unlike the collar label, this fold label is generally used on the neck or buttocks(hips).

Samples of the loop fold labels

loop fold label 02
loop fold label 03

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