2 thoughts on “foldable box’s photo gallery”

  1. Hi,

    Can I get some quotes for the following items?

    – Foldable box (e.g. box #075) 4000 units. I would need two different sizes approximative: small (20x20x2) big (35x35x15).

    – Wrapping paper 17g/m2 ( e.g. tissue paper #011 in white) 8000 sheets.

    -Hang tags (e.g. hang tags #110) 4000 pieces.

    -Woven labels ( e.g. woven labels #170 in white) 4000 pieces.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    1. Hi Elisabetta
      Thank for your contact.
      My colleague Beaver([email protected]) will reply your email later.
      If you do not receive our email in the next Monday please check your spam box.

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