What kind of material can be used for garment hang tags?

Common materials for garment hang tags are as paper, metal, leather, textile, PVC, wood and so on.

  • Paper material: coated paper, kraft paper, single-faced and double-faced paperboard, insulating paper, corrugated paper, cardboard, recycled paper, etc. Paper materials are widely used for garment hang tags, are frequently-used materials.
  • Metal material: copper, iron, alloy, stainless steel, etc. Metal materials are commonly used for clothing tags on denim clothes and as chain materials for hanging garment hang tags which can highlight their styles.
  • Leather material: all kinds of animal skin, fur, leather, etc. leather materials are often used as hang tags on leather garments and denim garments, sometimes, this kind of garment hang tag is used to illustrate the material of garment itself.
  • Textile material: canvas, silk, chemical fiber and cotton fabrics, etc. Textile materials are commonly used for garment hang tags on leisure clothing and hang tag strings;
  • In addition, plastic, rubber, wood and all kinds of mixed materials are also can be used for garment hang tags.

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